A ‘Knives Out’ Spin-off Featuring the Most Hilarious Character From Glass Onion and Benoit Blanc? Fans Shout Yes!

A ‘Knives Out’ Spin-off Featuring the Most Hilarious Character From Glass Onion and Benoit Blanc? Fans Shout Yes!

Every few years, Hollywood takes on a trend until it’s done to death. Currently, it seems it’s cashing on the whodunit genre. Murder mysteries have recently seen a resurgence thanks to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out which came out in 2019. With the second installment out, fans are now hoping to get a Knives Out spin-off. 

The good old whodunnit had gotten old, but Johnson gave the genre a fresh take when it introduced Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc to the audience. The sequel, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery introduced a new hilarious character that has quickly warmed itself the hearts of the fans! Can we expect a spin-off featuring the two fan-favorite characters?

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Fans are ready for a Knives Out spin-off if it features their favorite detective and the hobo

It seems Netflix is also well aware of what the fans want. So when the official movie handle tweeted about a possible offshoot feature Benoit and Derol, the comment section went gaga. Also, they added a clip from the ending where Benoit is smoking a cigar and calling the event a disruption to which Derol heartily agrees. 

The fans clearly want the duo to create more disruptions and act nonchalant about it! 

For the sequel, Rian Johnson took us and our favorite detective Benoit Blanc to Greece. After receiving a cryptic invitation to a party, Benoit is intrigued and gets on a yacht to get together with a group of well-to-do socialites for a weekend. As usual, a murder takes place and Craig’s character is tasked with peeling off the layers of the mystery. It featured a brand-new cast and was bigger in tone and scale than the original. 

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However, it was Derol that stole the show. The character was introduced as a stranger who was just inhabiting Miles Bron’s private island. His identity is a mystery as he only served as a comic relief. He showed up at various points in the movie mostly taking advantage of the amenities of the island. But he was also the last to show up in the climax. 

Who knows Rian Johnson may have something planned for the next sequel or Knives Out spin-off! What do you think?

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