5 ‘Virgin River’ Characters Who Can Entertain The Audiences With Spinoffs Of Their Own

5 ‘Virgin River’ Characters Who Can Entertain The Audiences With Spinoffs Of Their Own

The Netflix drama Virgin River has been successfully running since 2019, developed by Reel World Management. Adapted from the novels of Robyn Carr narrating the story of Melinda Monroe as she moves to a remote town in California, the show features an exceptional set of actors renewed this year with season 4. After leaving things on a cliffhanger, Jack and Mel are set to face new obstacles this season.

Melinda revealed that she is pregnant and we will have to wait and watch what changes it will bring in this relationship is an intriguing question. However, besides these two, the show depicts some fascinating characters. Because the writers have dwelled deeply on their storylines, these characters are perfect for potential spinoffs.

What do changing dynamics of the Virgin River bring different for characters? 

Every main character of the series holds a unique personality that makes them essential to set the story rightfully. Here are some characters who might get a headstart after facing rocky roads on the show.


John Middleton (Preacher) is a former marine who works at his best friend Jack’s bar. His selfless actions in the last season made him a fan favorite. His actions do take him to the verge of death where he is drugged lying in the woods. During that phase of intoxication, viewers get to see flashbacks of his past life, which reveal the cause of his resentment towards Brady and Jack’s culprit. So, a potential spinoff can unveil all the secrets of the past and what happened to Mike, Brady, Jack, and Preacher in service years.

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Bringing a good mix of charm and chaos, Lizzie has been representing a turbulent young girl. After being in a relationship with Ricky, she has learned so much from life. Her boyfriend enlisted himself in the Marines leaving her heartbroken. What new direction will this LA girl’s life take when she is all alone, considering the fact that her ex-boyfriend Parker is still available? Will she move back to her hometown leaving the Virgin River behind? Or will she continue a newly found life in this small isolated town? These are questions that a potential spinoff can answer.


Living with an abusive partner is never easy, and Paige had to endure that for years. And when she hits a breaking point, she ends up killing her husband in self-defense, ruining her and her son Christopher’s life. Now she is running from Vince (Wes’s Twin brother) and can’t rest for a moment hiding from this devious man. This complicated situation will be a fantastic material for a spinoff.

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Joining Marines has been a lifelong dream for Ricky, which he made evident from the beginning of season 1. In the last season, we found out that he had been selected for his ASVAB test. While he was secretly preparing for the job, he kept it hidden from Lizzie. Since they were not together, Ricky moved to South Carolina for training. Eventually, his grandmother falls ill, and under the circumstances, he has to come back. So he will see Lizzie again, and where this awkward situation takes the couple will be an interesting thing to explore in a spinoff.


Tara lost her mother in season 3, which made things difficult for her and her baby sister Chloe. Their mom was the sole protector of their lives, and they are failing to figure things out on their own. Although a secret donation from Mel does balm their financial condition, living alone in the world is a new experience for Tara. Therefore, her spinoff can depict how she will keep things and their farm going. At the same time, viewers will get to peep into her childhood, questioning how her medical condition will affect her and Chloe’s life.

Which of these spinoffs will you watch? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, head over to Netflix and stream all seasons of Virgin River.

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