5 Scenes From Stranger Things That Prove It Is No Less Than a Sitcom

5 Scenes From Stranger Things That Prove It Is No Less Than a Sitcom

Yeah, the 80s-themed outfits and music are cool. And yes the monsters are scary as well. But the humor in the show is top-notch too! A show like Stranger Things that pits a bunch of teenagers against some monsters from another dimension has some really wonderful comedic moments. This makes us believe that if it were a sitcom, it would have done really well. If you are still heartbroken over that finale, maybe this video is exactly what you need at this moment.

5 chuckle-worthy moments from Stranger Things season 4 

Dustin calls out Mike for having a C in Spanish

What good is it to have a superhero girlfriend if you can’t even pass your Spanish? Dustin reminds Mike of his loser status when they get into an argument about who has the cooler girlfriend. 

Robin justifies her clumsiness 

If Steve is the designated babysitter, Robin is the designated klutz. When they head to the mental institution to meet Henry Creel, they are caught red-handed for lying about their identities. While running away from the security, Robin explains to Nancy that she had terrible hand feet coordination since she was a child. She took 6 months longer to walk than other babies!



Steve’s ego takes a hit

Steve takes Brenda out on a date to a basketball game. However, it doesn’t start off nice. Brenda without much thinking blurts out how fantastic it is that the school might win a championship this year tight after he graduated. 

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Erica Vs Eddie in Stranger Things

Mike and Dustin get Erica for the Hellfire Campaign that Lucas couldn’t attend because of his game. But Eddie is displeased with the kid. However, Erica’s sassy remarks shut Eddie’s trap. 

Steve tries to convince Robin that Vicky likes girls

Robin is nursing a crush on Vicky but doesn’t have the courage to go up to her. Steve tries to help her out by emphasizing that Vicky’s a lesbian too because she likes B***ies. 

Watch the video here. Are you over that Stranger Things finale yet?

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