5 Reasons You Should Be Streaming ‘Donde Hubo Fuego’ AKA ‘High Heat’ on Netflix Now

5 Reasons You Should Be Streaming ‘Donde Hubo Fuego’ AKA ‘High Heat’ on Netflix Now

The new Netflix mexican drama series Donde Hubo Fuego aka High Heat has made its premiere on the streaming platform. The show is about a guy named Poncho who digs in deep about his twin brother’s dead mysteries and ultimately ends up in a fire brigade. The show casts Ivan Amozurrutia, who plays Poncho. Other prominent cast members include Eduardo Capetillo, Itatí Cantoral, Oka Giner, and Esmeralda Pimentel, who make up the lead characters of the series.

Here we’ve got you top five reasons why you should be streaming the show right now!

The series is jam-packed with a lot of juicy plot twists

The first take by us was the number of plot twists that the series holds. With just seven episodes in the first season, the show is far away from getting anything but boring. It has already given us an idea about how lengthy its episodes are going to be. And trust us when we say this, the show will know its limitations. It is expected of the show it keep the audience grounded and make it’s space in the myriad of shows that already give a tough competition.

Another fact that serves good of a reason is that the show hasn’t had any problems with the host. The trailer itself seems promising and no matter how uninteresting it sounds, it stood the test of a number of shows winding down the streaming platform. Many shows have called it quits with Netflix but this new show has been gaining momentum since the time of release.


How many fire fighting shows have you really watched?

After a length of time when fire brigade shows weren’t on our plates lately, this show kind off satisfies the unnoticed emergency. We have obviously had such shows in the past but this is the first time a show with such a name has its roots instilled into a crime scene. Hence, in a span of like ten years, having a fire fighter show which also has an edge with mystery and thriller drama seems completely worth the chance.

Another reason you might as well be charmed by is the show’s background settings and scenery. There’s always this world, far away from monsters, CGIs, animation effects, etc., that we tend to forget. But people who connect more to reality will find themselves at home. This show is anything but a fictional series so worry you not the non-fiction gang! This show has the potential of being the next big thing on the streamer.

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No one likes a show that runs low on drama. Ofcourse the crime and mystery keeps us on the edge of our seats but it doesn’t suffice always, especially for new shows as such where people have to read reasons for watching. It needs to have certain quota of drama that it needs to fulfill. And guess what? The trailer stands for it. It’s quite evident that the show will bear a good amount of drama and will run smooth to the eyes. If persists, it can very well be a next Netflix big heat of it maintains itself.

So guys, what are y’all waiting for? Stream High Heat on Netflix right now!

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