3 Things That Will Make You Believe That Arnold Schwarzenegger Is So Much More Than an Actor

3 Things That Will Make You Believe That Arnold Schwarzenegger Is So Much More Than an Actor

Arnold Schwarzenegger might be a veteran actor now, but he had quite a successful career when he was active as an actor. There is barely anything that this 75-year-old has not done during his career, be it acting, bodybuilding, or even weightlifting. He is the master of all. He is a renowned athlete who gained fame initially because of his bodybuilding and weightlifting/powerlifting careers. A very famous fact about him is that he won the title of “Mr. Olympia,” one of the most reputable awards in the field of sports, seven times.

Even though he gained a major share of his fame through films, his sporting career cannot be underestimated. After all, he has earned his well-shaped body and shows it off, so his sports career should not be overlooked.

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3 major highlights from the bodybuilding career of Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminator actor’s career has been a major roller coaster since he started participating in various competitions. It all began with his bodybuilding and slowly shifted to sports. Few people know that California’s former governor was a stone lifter at one time.

However, his bodybuilding career is the most recognized one, and hence, here are the top three highlights of his athletic career:

1. Mass gain for ‘Pumping Iron’

It was the year 1975, and Schwarzenegger had just begun his Hollywood career. He was in the process of filming the movie Stay Hungry. His role in the film demanded a leaner guy; hence, he lost a lot of weight. But a few months before the Olympia, the team behind the sports docudrama film Pumping Iron, approached him in order to help him train for the competition and also convinced him to fight against Lou Ferrigno. It was hard, but he somehow managed to gain weight and even win the competition.

2. Beat Sergio Oliva to win his first Mr. Olympia

Schwarzenegger made his Olympic debut in 1969, where he met his greatest rival, Sergio Oliva. He was known as ‘The Myth’ and that was what the Predator actor was there to break. That year, he stood second in the competition, but he was determined to win it the next year. Next year, he came with better preparation and thus began his path to winning six consecutive Mr. Olympia titles.

3. Return to Mr. Olympia

After winning six consecutive Mr. Olympia titles, the former governor announced his retirement from bodybuilding and started focusing on his acting career. But in 1980, when he was working on the film Conan, he had to get back into shape for the film.

As per SportsKeeda, that is when he decided to once again participate in Mr. Olypmia. Not only did he win that competition, but he also became the first person to win it in non-consecutive years.

These were some of the major accomplishments of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bodybuilding career. He proved that a human can do whatever they wish to do in one lifetime.

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