“I think the answer has to be…” – Who Was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Toughest Rival During His Bodybuilding Career?

“I think the answer has to be…” – Who Was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Toughest Rival During His Bodybuilding Career?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the name is taken parallel whenever we talk about the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He is a man that has inspired generations of bodybuilders from around the world. Furthermore, the Austrian Oak has had an impact on bodybuilding and changed the sport forever. However, bodybuilding is a competitive sport and a number of individuals gave Schwarzenegger tough competition back in the day.

Even though Schwarzenegger has had a track record like no other, the Austrian Oak recently mentioned a bodybuilder he had a hard time competing against.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals his toughest opponent during his bodybuilding career

The list of the greatest athletes of all time is incomplete without Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Terminator star is the only bodybuilder to have won seven Mr. Olympia titles, out of which he won six of them consecutively. However, Schwarzenegger did have some great competition while he competed for all these titles. And recently, Arnold revealed the names of the opponents he faced in his career. “I think the answer has to be Sergio Oliva, who won Mr. Olympia twice in a row before he beat me for his 3-peat in 1969,” Schwarzenegger revealed in the latest edition of the Daily Pump newsletter as reported by SportsKeeda.

Schwarzenegger described Oliva as “a dragon” that he had to slay before reaching the top. The Terminator star was full of praises for Oliva. He urged everyone to Google Oliva’s body while also calling him a “monster.” In fact, the Governator confessed to have done everything to win against Olivia in 1970, including trickery.

The Austrian Oak once tricked Sergio Oliva

While competing for the Mr. World title in 1970, Schwarzenegger once tricked Sergio Oliva to win the competition. Back then, the duo were going head to head for the title. However, the judges were unable to make up their minds on who truly deserved the title. So Schwarzenegger cleverly convinced Oliva to walk off the stage making him believe that they did have not to do any more poses. As soon as Oliva left the stage, the Austrian Oak did another pose turning the decision in his favor. Schwarzenegger funnily admitted how he never lost a competition ever since.

Despite the rivalry, it seemed like the two shared a great bond. The Kindergarten Cop revealed how “The Myth” is a sweetheart of a guy and that he loved hanging out with him in Chicago.

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