16 Years Old Tom Holland, Outside Marvel, Gave an Impeccable Performance in His Film Debut, Streaming on Netflix

16 Years Old Tom Holland, Outside Marvel, Gave an Impeccable Performance in His Film Debut, Streaming on Netflix

Sometimes, an actor gets recognition for outstanding performance and that stays with him/her forever. When we say Robert Downey Jr. our mind directly goes to Iron Man. When we hear Benedict Cumberbatch, our mind thinks of Dr. Strange, and when someone says the name Tom Holland… Yes, Spider-Man! But Tom Holland, like every other actor, has something unique and remarkable about him.

Of course, whenever we hear Tom Holland‘s name now, we directly imagine him as the Spider-Man. While he is our favorite spider-man, did you know he only entered the industry at the age of 16? Yes, Tom Holland made his debut film at the age of 16, in the movie named The Impossible (Spanish: Lo Imposible). He plays one of the lead child actors, Lucas.

Baby Tom Holland as Lucas

In the movie, as Lucas, Tom proved he was more than what was visible about him. Lucas is the youngest son of Maria and Henry. He is compassionate and sensible. Like every teenage boy, he is charming and full of emotions. The Bannette Family was on Christmas vacation when a tragic event happened. The tsunami destroyed everything. All the family members parted from each other. Lucas eventually reunites with his mother, who is severely injured. He helps her to get to the nearest hospital.

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While she is getting surgery, Lucas goes out to help people around him. This action of the character shows Lucas is kind and helpful. As the story moves forward, we get to see so many colors of baby Tom.

Tom vividly expressed the intensity of the character. The way he has exposed his emotions through his eyes is truly remarkable. At the age of 16 only, Tom had won the hearts of the audience.

Rollercoaster of emotions

The movie is about the massive Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004. The movie is based on the experience of María Belón and her family. Sergio G. Sánchez has written the story and J. A. Bayona has directed it featuring various international actors including Tom Holland. The plot is tightly knit and moves rapidly from one sequence to another. This movie exposes the loss and disaster caused by the Tsunami. One feels curious, excited, anxious, and terrified all at the same time while watching this movie.

To achieve anything remarkable, one must work extraordinarily for it. Once someone would watch this movie, they would understand that to give his best in the making of Spider-Man, Tom started working extraordinarily from a young age. If you want to see the progress of his work, there’s another lesser-known movie streaming on Netflix.

Watch Here: The Impossible 

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