“Wow, Tom Holland has done some garbage”: Fans Thrust Disappointment as Netflix Streams Tom’s Lesser Known Sci-Fi Film

“Wow, Tom Holland has done some garbage”: Fans Thrust Disappointment as Netflix Streams Tom’s Lesser Known Sci-Fi Film

There is something about the British men that attracts us to them. Be it the talented musicians like Harry Styles, sports icons like David Beckham, or actors like our beloved Tom Holland. There is no doubt that each and every one of us loves them with all our hearts. Precisely for the work they have done, and also the sheer perfection that they do it with. However, they cannot appeal to all the fans every time they make something, and that happened with Tom Holland when Netflix started streaming his movie ‘Chaos Walking’ in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

But what is this film all about? And how are fans reacting to watching Holland in this rather unpopular film? Here is everything you need to know about it.

Fans call Tom Holland starrer Chaos Walking “nothing special”

Well, in the past few years, Tom Holland has found himself at the center of a lot of appreciation. Mainly for his amazing portrayal of Peter Parker in Marvel and Sony’s SpiderMan movies. So much so that none of us ever expected to ever see him associated with anything less than successful in his life. But what is life if not a series of disappointments hurled at you? That is exactly what happened when Netflix announced the arrival of Chaos Walking on the streaming network in the UK and Ireland.

Fans even called this Tom Holland movie garbage and even said “bless him” for doing this movie. However, not all fans were as critical, as some of them appreciated the idea of the movie. However, they were quick to point out that there was nothing special about the movie though.

The film, Chaos Walking is a science-fiction thriller set on a remote planet where no women exist as they all have been killed. Additionally, all the men on the planet can hear each other’s thoughts, which makes survival even more difficult. Things get even more ugly when a woman (Daisy Ridley) lands on the planet. And then we follow her and Tom Holland’s characters’ journey to survival.

Have you watched Chaos Walking yet? Tell us what you think about the movie in the comments below.

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