$100K Worth of Pandora’s Box: How Robert Brown Once Demanded Money from Agents to Represent Millie Bobby Brown

$100K Worth of Pandora’s Box: How Robert Brown Once Demanded Money from Agents to Represent Millie Bobby Brown

An actor is said to be truly successful when they become their own brand. For Millie Bobby Brown that success came at a very early stage. While her love for the entertainment industry began way before, the actress bagged her major role as Eleven at the age of 12. Being confident in his daughter’s potential, it was time for the family to get returns on their hard work.

While she did eventually prove her potential, her father Robert Brown set a rather high price of $100k for agencies to be able to represent her. The amount certainly made noise back in 2016 when the news first broke. Here is how it came into being.

What led Millie Bobby Brown’s father to demand $100k from agencies

At the mere age of 13, Bobby Brown bagged the Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy Award. The actress herself admitted how it would have been impossible without the support of her family. As per The Hollywood Reporter, two sources came ahead to reveal how her father demanded $100k from agencies for the opportunity to represent her. Agencies were quick to respond with why this was a bad idea. A demand like this is rare for even big stars, let alone a 12-year-old.

Apparently, a source for the Browns confirmed the amount, stating that the advice was given by a friend to the family. Apparently, this practice is common in the UK but a huge amount upfront would act like a domino effect, affecting the entire industry. Then again, Robert Brown likely came from the point of view that his family struggled a lot to get where they are now. The British family moved base to the USA and nearly ran out of money trying to help Brown achieve her dreams.

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But the actress’ career certainly shot up, from starring in series to starting in movies.

How things have changed for the actress since then

During her initial stage, Millie Bobby Brown did not have an agent, but a manager. Melanie Greene is a UK-based manager who had experience working there. In 2016, she was signed with the WME agency. She also signed up with IMG models for her modeling assignments in 2012. While Robert Brown’s demand may have seemed outrageous, his daughter made sure she would be worth all the work.

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