“At home, she can turn into..” – When Millie Bobby Brown’s Father Revealed Who She Is in Front of Her Family

“At home, she can turn into..” – When Millie Bobby Brown’s Father Revealed Who She Is in Front of Her Family

The young actor, producer, and entrepreneur Millie Bobby Brown is known for her vibrant and confident personality in the entertainment industry. The Spain-born gave a breakthrough performance as Eleven in Netflix’s science fiction Stranger Things. Following the scintillating performance, Brown has had a career graph that people double her age would die for. 

Being in the industry for almost a decade, she has featured in shows and movies like Modern Family, Enola Holmes, Godzilla vs Kong, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and the upcoming Enola Holmes 2. Despite being just 18 years old, Millie Bobby Brown oozes confidence and class in her interactions with notable personalities like Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres. However, just like any other actor, Millie also has various shades of her personality. Let us see what the British actress’s father has to say about her demeanor at home. 

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Millie Bobby Brown has a different side reserved for her family

The fans have always viewed Millie Bobby Brown as someone who is enthusiastic and does not shy away from speaking her thoughts. However, she turns into a different personality at her home. In a 2019 interview, Millie’s father revealed that the Stranger Things actor does not carry an air of confidence among her family member. Instead, she becomes a shy little girl, just like any other teenager in the world. 

“Millie is all confident and swagger in the world. But at night, at home, she can turn into a little shy girl. It’s a side of her that only her family sees,” Millie Bobby Brown’s father said in an integer for WMagazine.

It should not surprise you to hear about the timid side of your favorite actor, as the entertainment industry seldom gives an opportunity to be shy in public. To ensure that people take you seriously on the sets, you need to be extremely confident and outgoing. 

Further in the interaction, Millie was questioned if she ever desires to unleash her rebellious side and throw some tantrums. The 18-year-old added that she can be a rebel as well but overall she has always been a good girl. Enola Holmes star also revealed how she was never grounded by her parents.

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