1 Billion+ Minutes Viewed Yet ‘The Sandman’ Lost Even 2nd Spot in Nielsen Charts

1 Billion+ Minutes Viewed Yet ‘The Sandman’ Lost Even 2nd Spot in Nielsen Charts

Amid the loss of subscribers and the overall turmoil, Netflix went through a lot this year. However, there is a silver lining for the giant streamer, and it is probably the only one that matters. It is, of course, the chart-topping content that the platform has been churning out. As long as Netflix has titles like its flagship, Stranger Things, the crowd-pleasing Virgin River, and the stellar adaptation of The Sandman in its arsenal, the streamer is here to stay.

Speaking of The Sandman, the show is a massive success given that it has barely been a month since its premiere. Having said that, the show still falls a little short of the ultimate seat on the Nielsen charts. Let’s see the statistics and figure out the working of the same.

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The Sandman loses the 1st rank on Neilson Charts

The Neilsen charts give us a comparison of every piece of content across all streaming platforms. It then creates a list based on hours of viewing. According to the latest chart, Netflix has overpowered every other streaming service with maximum entries in the top 10. Despite its phenomenal reception, The Sandman sits in the number 3 position among the originals and number 4 overall.

Fans and creators of the show are waiting with bated breath for Netflix to renew the fantasy series for a second season. Hence, it is only natural for the maker and the audience to be dejected by the ranking. However, with just 11 episodes out, The Sandman has crossed over 1 billion minutes in viewership. Virgin Riveron the other hand, has about 1.38 billion minutes to its name, but that is across 4 seasons and 42 episodes. Reigning at the number 1 spot, Stranger Things, for comparison, has a viewership of about 1.4 billion minutes across 34 episodes

For three decades, there have been multiple attempts to recreate Gaiman’s world of The Endless for the screen, all ending in failure. The storyteller himself “refused to get involved” in the previous adaptations as he wanted to retain the power “to be able to speak out against a bad Sandman movie.” So, for the author and executive producer, Neil Gaiman, this rendition of The Sandman is his baby. No wonder the man has been tirelessly promoting the show and urging the fans to finish watching the series. 

We hope the position on Neilsen Charts works in favor of The Sandman season 2 rather than against it. What are your thoughts on the live-action version of Neil Gaiman’s fantastical world? Let us know in the comments. If you haven’t already, please what The Sandman, streaming on Netflix.

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