Netflix Festival Japan 2021 Recap – Every Announcement and All Details

Netflix Festival Japan 2021 Recap – Every Announcement and All Details

Netflix Festival Japan was an amazing experience for everyone. With half-a-dozen star panels and of both Japanese originals and international blockbusters, the event ended on a high note. There were two big talking points from the event; an appearance by Red Notice star Dwayne Johnson and the announcement of the cast for One Piece. Let’s just have a look back at every important thing that happened during the festival.

The stars at Netflix Festival Japan 2021

One of the highlights of the festival was an appearance by Dwayne Johnson, star and producer, and Rawson Marshall Thurber, director, and writer of the new Netflix film Red Notice – as part of the global title stage. The director talked about how he got the inspiration to make this movie and also revealed how he got inspiration from movies of Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Lucas. The Rock revealed some inside talk when talking about the action sequences and stunts that he performed in the movie; including a scene where he jumps out of a flying helicopter.

Many other stars from various Netflix shows and movies made their way to the event. Including Asa Butterfield from Sex Education, who greeted his fans in Japanese and even talked about his love for amine., Song Kang from Nevertheless, and Lily Collins from Emily in Paris. Academy-Award-winning actress Halle Berry gave an introduction to her upcoming film Bruised, which also is her directorial debut. Matthias Schweighöfer presented his latest movie, Army of Thieves, as well.

Movies announced at the event

Throughout the event, different panels announced their upcoming Japanese Original productions. Let’s have a look at each one of them, shall we?

Asakusa Kid (Film) is based on the life of one of the most popular comic figures from the Land of the Rising Sun; Beat Takeshi, also known as internationally-acclaimed film director Takeshi Kitano, talking about his bond with the legendary mentor Senzaburo Fukami. The panel included Yo Oizumi (who players the role of Fukami), his co-star Yuya Yagira, and writer-director Gekidan Hitori. 

Based on the 2017 best-selling novel ‘Sakura no Yona Boku no Koibito’ by Keisuke Uyama; Love Like the Falling Petals was the next movie to be announced at the Netflix Japan Festival 2021. The panel included lead actor Kento Nakajima and Honoka Matsumoto, along with the director Yoshihiro Fukagawa. They treated the fans with some behind-the-scenes footage; the actors ensured that the fans that the screenplay of the movie will definitely not disappoint them.

Series from the festival

Ryoko Shinohara and Kyoko Hasegawa, Director Michiko Namiki, and the moderator Kamiko Inuyama talked about the story of their upcoming series, Fishbowl Wives. They talked about how the show is based on a few married women who are frustrated with their lives but decide to not do anything about it. The movie then further turns out to be a very interesting love story; it really is something we should all be excited about. 

He’s Expecting is a series based on the life of a cis-gender man who is very dedicated to his work, is notoriously single, and ends up getting pregnant. The panel for this social comedy included Takumi Saitoh and Juri Ueno, with Yuko Hakoda, the director of the series.

We Couldn’t Become Adults is now available on Netflix; Mirai Moriyama, Sairi Ito, and Director Yoshihiro Mori announced the arrival of this movie at the Netflix Festival Japan. A movie based on a novel, the story revolves around a couple who are so in love that it can make anyone cry. The actors talked about their experience as well and how much they enjoyed working on this movie.

Ryoko YonekuraGo Ayano and Director Michihito Fujii conversed about their upcoming 6-episode suspense drama, The Journalist. Based on the hit Japanese Academy-award-winning movie of the same name; this show is predicted to be a hit among the audiences. With the addition of a new character of a university student, the viewers will connect better with the whole story of the series.

A special appearance at Netflix Festival Japan

Director Hirokazu Kore-eda, who makes regular appearances at events like the Cannes Festival and the winner of the Palme d’Or for his movie Shoplifters, appeared as a surprise guest at the fest. He joined in via a video and shared his new upcoming projects with Netflix. He said, “I’m looking to incorporate different elements from movies,  and create some exciting projects. I’m looking forward to sharing these projects with all of you soon.”

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