SQUID GAME: Astonishing Facts and Lesser Known Details

SQUID GAME: Astonishing Facts and Lesser Known Details

The tide of Squid Game might have slowed a bit, but the fans of the K-Drama keep bothering Netflix for more content. There are many behind-the-scenes and cast/director interview videos on YouTube. Despite that, nothing gets a fan as excited as a fact about the series. So we have a list of fascinating facts about Squid Game, which you can flex in front of your friends.

Hwang took a decade to complete the script

Hwang started writing his script in 2008 and completed the first draft in 2009. The first two episodes alone took the writer and director over six months to write. Until Netflix took it up almost a decade later, the creator claimed he struggled with money and casting.

So, the next time if you procrastinate while writing and feel bad about it, just remember this. And if you are a writer struggling to find someone who will produce your project, don’t lose hope, as Netflix might be around the corner.

Hwang used the Dalgona technique before Gi-hun

According to Hwang, Gi-hun’s method of licking the dalgona, or honeycomb candy, to remove the shape was one he learned as a child. Hwang revealed that the night before filming the sequence, he tested out the technique himself to see if it still worked.

Hwang had written the role of Ji-yeoung for a boy

This Squid Game fact was life-changing for Lee Yoo-Mi, as she would have missed out on this iconic role. Hwang’s goal was to look into the link that exists between two women, which is clear when Ji-yeoung and Sae-byeok connect right away.

Jung Ho-yeon’s acting debut

Jung’s first acting job was as a North Korean pickpocket Kang Sae-byeok. She has previously worked as a model and appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine, and in the fourth season of “Korea’s Next Top Model.”

“Ho-Yeon looked exactly like the Sae-byeok I had been looking for,” Hwang has said in a breakdown video. Fans have showered all their love on Jung Ho-yeon, making her the most-followed Korean actress on Instagram.

Bunk beds symbolized competition in society

The bunk beds add to the concept of society’s competitive and hierarchical structure. In addition, these bunk beds represent warehouse shelves and seats in a battle arena.

The gift-shaped coffin box

When Gi-hun gifted a box to his daughter, it resembled the coffin box, symbolizing a second chance at life. The creators shaped the coffins like gift boxes to represent how the game’s designer felt like a god, giving contestants a gift even after they died.

Anupam Tripathi was a tough find

For the uninitiated, the actor who played Ali, a Pakistani migrant worker, is actually Indian. Anupam Tripathi, 32, traveled to Korea in 2010 to pursue his studies at the Korea National University of Arts. He has worked in several Korean movies.

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Let us know in the comments how shocked were you after reading about these Squid Game facts.

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