Netflix Cancelled Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 – Here’s Everything We Know

Netflix Cancelled Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 – Here’s Everything We Know

Netflix cancelled Jupiter’s Legacy season 2. The second adaptation from Millarworld is not happening. But a spin-off might be on its way.

The giant of streaming has acquired Millarworld a couple of years ago. Created by Mark Millar who served as a writer in lots of superhero cartoons and adaptations, Millarworld is a universe filled with people who have superhero powers. For those who are enjoying some action-packed superpower series, this was great news.

Jupiter’s Legacy, on the other hand, was the first fruit of this acquisition. Netflix Original series invited viewers to a world where having superpowers regarded as legacies that require to be honored. Because of the show’s performance and the negative reviews from the audience, Netflix has decided not to renew the series. The streaming service has cancelled the first adaptation from Millarworld after the first season.

The fans should not worry though, as we also know that a spin-off series might be on the way. Another series written by MarkMillar, the new show is called Supercrooks and it takes place in the same superhero universe.

Why did Netflix cancel Jupiter’s Legacy?

Popular streaming service has lots of conditions when it comes to renewing a series. If a TV show manages to reach great viewership counts, it usually gets a chance for another season. But Netflix also takes the reactions of the audience into account.

How dynamic is a series and what is the level of engagement coming from the viewers? Questions like these help Netflix decide whether a TV show should continue or not. Therefore, Jupiter’s Legacy probably could not get the results that would satisfy the streaming giant and the show is now cancelled.

Supercrooks release date

The fact that Jupiter’s Legacy got cancelled does not mean we have to say goodbye to Millarworld. As we mentioned earlier, a spin-off series is in the works. But unlike Jupiter’s Legacy, it will follow a group of super-villains in the same universe as they prepare themselves for the biggest heist in history.

Netflix has not commented on Supercrooks release date. Though, the creator of these series Mark Millar has talked about the upcoming spin-off series. He said that he created Supercrooks with Leinil Francis Yu a few years ago and was excited that they are going to adapt it to a series.

The writer also stated that he was proud of the cast and the crew of Jupiter’s Legacy. The series starred Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Ben Daniels, Walter Sampson, Elena Kampouris, Brandon Sampson, Mike Wade and more.

Jupiter’s Legacy season 2 cast

Well, unfortunately, the series will not get another season. We have listed the actors and actresses in the main cast:

  • JoshDuhamel as Sheldon Sampson 
  • Ben Daniels as Brainwave
  • Leslie Bibb as Grace Kennedy-Sampson
  • ElenaKampouris as Chloe Sampson
  • Mike Wade as Fitz Small
  • Matt Lanter as George Hutchence
  • David Julian Hirsh as Blue Bolt
  • Meg Steedle as Jane
  • Richard Blackburn as Chester
  • Ian Quinlan as Hutch
  • Tyler Mane as Blackstar

Jupiter’s Legacy season 2 trailer

Unfortunately, we do not have a trailer as the show did not get a renewal. Netflix tends to share trailers close to the premiere date of a new season. But Jupiter’s Legacy made its debut in May and got cancelled a couple of days ago. So there is not a teaser or an official video for the series.

Though you can watch the trailer for the first season to reminisce what happened.

Well, these are all the details regarding Jupiter’s Legacy season 2 and the upcoming spin-off series Supercrooks. Stay tuned for more news about Millarworld and its adaptations on Netflix.

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