Jupiter’s Legacy synopsis, cast, trailer, and Millarworld

Jupiter’s Legacy synopsis, cast, trailer, and Millarworld

What is Jupiter’s Legacy synopsis about? The first live-action series based on Millarworld has landed on Netflix. But is it a must-watch?

The first season consists of 8 episodes and it has already received positive feedback from the viewers. The show tells about a group of superheroes in a very unusual way. Unlike the ones we see in Marvel or DC universe, Jupiter’s Legacy belongs to Mark Millar’s comic company which was bought by Netflix four years ago. The content officer of the popular streaming platform also referred to Mark Millar as the modern-day Stan Lee.

What’s the synopsis of Jupiter’s Legacy?

The live-action series depicts a world where being a superhero feels like a burden. It feels like a burden because it is actually a legacy; hence the name of the show. This whole process of passing down the duty throughout the generations creates a solid foundation for the series. It tells about superheroes in a very real way while also adding drama, failed expectations, and surprising twists.

The show was directed by Steven S.DeKnight who was also the producer of Daredevil. Jupiter’s Legacy cast consists of very talented names like Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Ben Daniels, and Elena Kampouris. Andrew Horton, Matt Lanter, Tenika Davis, Mike Wade, Tyler Mane are in the cast as well. And the show is expected to combine Jupiter’s Legacy comic series 1,2 with Jupiter’s Cycle 1,2.

Should you watch Jupiter’s Legacy?

You might have binge-watched lots of superhero-themed shows and movies. Or you are some who just doesn’t like people with superpowers and it all feels the same. Whether you’re the former or the latter, the series deserves a chance.

Because it offers enough to attract a superhero fan thanks to all that extraordinary super-stuff. But it is also realistic enough for a viewer who’s not into the good old superhero theme.

Here’s the official description of Jupiter’s Legacy:

“They’re the first generation of superheroes. But as they pass the torch to their children, tensions are rising – and the old rules no longer apply.”

Who is Mark Millar?

The influential name of the world of modern comics has crated major storylines for lots of significant superheroes. In addition to his best-selling Superman novel Red Son, Millar also had a huge impact behind titles like Logan and Captain America: Civil War. Along with another superhero movie Kick-Ass, successful films like Wanted, Kingsman also bear his signature.

After the acquisition of Millarworld company, Netflix stated that it is planning to release more films and shows based on the universe. Which is another reason to give Jupiter’s Legacy a chance.

Here’s a Jupiter’s Legacy trailer to watch before jumping right in!

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