Netflix added one of the most interesting documentaries today

Netflix added one of the most interesting documentaries today

Netflix announces the Big Timber release date along with the official trailer. What do we know about the reality series?

The giant of streaming has hundreds of documentaries and reality series in its library. Varying from the ones that focus on the trivial events to others that invite viewers to extraordinary incidents that happen in our lives. The upcoming title Big Timber is something of both, as it focuses on an unusual job; though a bit extreme in terms of conditions.

Big Timber takes viewers to Vancouver Island, Canada. The title follows a sawmill owner named Kevin Wenstob and his loyal crew who is trying to tame the wild forests of Vancouver. If you are looking for a documentary or a reality series, welcome to the world of the lumber business and its many hardships.

What is Big Timber about?

Those who watched and enjoyed Timber Kings will probably like this one as well. The upcoming series invites us to the business of Kevin Wenstob. The experienced lumber professional lives in Vancouver Island along with his family. He is about to make millions of dollars if he and his loyal crew manage to transport hundreds of woods by overcoming the dangerous skirts of Klitsa Mountain.

On the other hand, he might as well fail due to extreme conditions and natural threats posed by the dense forests and mountains of Vancouver. Kevin and his team must deliver the woods before the deadline to save their business. And by the way, we are talking about 200 truckloads of really heavy timber. Carrying them over a mountain is no easy task. So Kevin Wenstob, his wife Sarah Fleming, their sons Erik Wenstob and the loyal worker Coleman Willner will try to accomplish this extremely hard mission.

We also know that the first season of the series premiered on the History channel a year ago. It made its debut back in 2020 and came with 10 episodes.

Like we mentioned earlier if you are curious about unusual jobs and their difficult conditions, wait for Big Timber to land on Netflix. So what is the release date of the reality series?

When is the release date of Big Timber?

The official trailer has landed on the YouTube channel of the popular streaming platform. The video also reveals the release date of the reality series. Big Timber will be available on July 2nd, 2021.

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Here’s the official Big Timber synopsis by Netflix:

“A no-nonsense logger and his loyal crew battle brutal elements and finicky machines to chop and transport valuable lumber on Vancouver Island.”

Here’s the official trailer of Big Timber which came out today!

Viewers in the comments commented about the upcoming TV series. Most of them stated that the show reminded them of Ax Men, which is another reality series focusing on logging crews and their struggle in the poor timber and wood market.

Ax Men is unfortunately not on Netflix. But the streaming service might always add similar series and shows to its library like Big Timber.

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