Can Will Smith Find Himself in Oscar Nomination for His First Movie Since Slap Incident?

Can Will Smith Find Himself in Oscar Nomination for His First Movie Since Slap Incident?

Will Smith may be banned from the Oscar, but his acting skills can not keep him from the awards. The one-man army has managed to pull his career to new heights for over thirty years. And even in these times, he plans to continue working on his new films. And maybe this next film will help him back in the spotlight, but this time, for good reasons. The question is, are the Oscars ready to accept him soon?

The I Am Legend actor was under heavy scrutiny since earlier this year because of the slap gate incident at the Academy Awards. He got himself banned for a decade from attending the award show. Even his public apology to Chris Rock did not help much. Now his first film since the Oscar is up for release and it is likely to make Will a candidate for the Oscar nominations this year.

Will there be an Oscar nomination for Will Smith for his next film?

Will Smith’s new Apple movie is supposed to be one of the biggest movies to release this year. There are already talks about him getting nominated for the Oscar awards. The same awards during which, his actions nearly messed up his long-built career. Emancipation is a wartime movie directed by Antoine Fuqua.

The film was set for an early release but had to be delayed after the Oscar drama. The $120 million movie remained on hold for things to cool down, and is now scheduled to be released on December 2022Emancipation is based on the life of Whipped Peter who escapes slavery from a plantation in Louisiana and goes on to join the Union Army.

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The photos of his whipped back were later released for the public to see. Will usually want to write a movie about black love instead of black slavery, but to him, this movie is about love. Whether the public also receives the movie with the same love or not, is left to be seen. And even if they do, even if Will is nominated for the Oscars, he will not be able to attend for receiving his award.

Or do you think the Oscars will have a change of heart? Let us know in the comments.


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