“My style, ideally, is a combination of two people”: Charithra Chandran Reveals Two Popular Actresses as Her Inspirations

“My style, ideally, is a combination of two people”: Charithra Chandran Reveals Two Popular Actresses as Her Inspirations

It wasn’t even two years ago that Charithra Chandran only looked at acting as a hobby. Within a very short span of time, the Oxford graduate has given up her corporate job, sent cold emails to acting agencies, and starred as a major character in the biggest English language Netflix series of all time. Fans are wondering what about Chandran draws them in so much that she is what popular magazines are calling “Bridgerton’s next breakout star“. Well, the answer lies in the two actresses that the actresses consider as her style inspiration.

Who are the actresses that have inspired Charithra Chandran and her style?

Chandran is a part of what people consider “gen z”. Born in 1997, one might expect the actress to find inspiration in modern muses like Anne Hathaway or Cate Blanchett. But, when she revealed that her style is the combination of ” the color, prints, and boldness of Tracee Ellis Ross with the shapes and lines of Audrey Hepburn”, we couldn’t help but notice the obviously timeless flair that Chandran has about her. After all, her breakout role is in a Regency-period drama.

Chandran’s debut was in the role of Sabina Pleasance in the British thriller series Alex Rider. But, it wasn’t until Bridgerton that the actress gained global fame and acknowledgment. This shows just how well the actress fits the role. The Netflix Original is known for hiring actors and actresses that have a classic-style flair, with rumors of Regé-Jean Page being the next James Bond.

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How Audrey Hepburn and Tracee Ellis Ross inspired the actress’ style

Audrey Hepburn is an actress that needs no introduction. The 50s actress is wildly popular for films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday. She brought cigarette pants, black polo necks, trench coats, ballet flats, and headscarves into fashion. Her style is what most described as sophisticated yet dazzling. 

As for Tracee Ellis Ross, the American actress is popular for the bold prints and colors she wears so flawlessly. Ross also owns a hair care line for curly hair. This stands out in a world that constantly keeps emphasizing the beauty of pin-straight hair, i.e., Eurocentric beauty standards. Hence, when this Tamil Indian actress said that her style is a blend of the timelessness brought on screen by Audrey Hepburn with the bold fashion choices of Tracee Ellis Ross, we couldn’t agree more.

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