Movies Releasing on Netflix in December 2021 – From New Movies Like Don’t Look Up to Classics Like Stepmom

Movies Releasing on Netflix in December 2021 – From New Movies Like Don’t Look Up to Classics Like Stepmom

While you plan on relaxing and enjoying the time off from work this holiday season, Netflix will keep you busy for the entire month of December. There are several movies that await you in the last month of the year and trust me, they all are utterly fantastic. So get into your Christmas sweaters, and pot on your warm hats, as we dive into the many movies coming out on Netflix this December 2021.

December 1

The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog will be the first movie arriving on Netflix on December 1, 2021. Starring the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch along with the beautiful Kirsten Dunst; the movie is based on a 1967 Thomas Savage novel of the same name and tells the story of Phil Burbank and his ability to cause fear and awe among everyone surrounding him. But everything changes when his brother brings home his new wife and son, and Phil realizes he can love.

December 2

Single All The Way

A Netflix Original movie, Single All The Way is a tale of a young man Peter and his Christmas. Peter has to visit his family home during the holiday of Christmas, but he is unwilling to appear there single and alone. Hence, he asks his best friend Nick to come along and pretend to be his boyfriend. But what is a family visit without a little drama? So, when Peter’s mom sets him up with her trainer on a blind date, the complete plan of the best friend duo goes to the bin.

The Whole Truth

We all love to see a bit of Keanu Reeves, don’t we? While we have seen in action multiple times, you all deserve a change of pace and a look at a calm and composed Keanu in the courtroom drama The Whole Truth. Reeves plays the role of a defense attorney, fighting a case to save a teenage girl from the accusation of murdering her own father. While the movie was not a hit among the critics, we are pretty sure you will enjoy streaming it, just for the sake of Keanu.

December 3


Music is indeed something that each one of us holds close to our hearts, and we all have that a few songs that we can never get over. While the world has moved onto playlists, there are people who still believe in the nostalgia of Mixtapes and they really adore those tapes. Meet Beverly, a 12-year-old girl who has recently discovered a broken playlist of her late mother; while both of her parents are dead, this mixtape is the only way she can get to know about them.

Mixtape on Netflix follows this little girl, as she goes on a mission to restore the entire mixtape of her mom.

December 6

David and the Elves

David and the Elves, is, the same as the name suggests. After moving to a big city, both of David’s parents get just too occupied with work and forget about Christmas. While David is a little pissed about this, he soon goes on an adventure with a runaway elf named Albert. The duo goes to the Tatra, the place of residence of his grandparents. This is the perfect movie to get you in that holiday feeling.

December 10

Back to the Outback

It is always the right time to watch a fun animated movie, and since December is the time when we are all with our families, it makes all the more sense to watch them. Back to the Outback will surely be your children’s favorite watch this Christmas as you see a group of reptiles escaping a zoo. Some of the most dangerous reptiles in Australia are just tired of humans, who look at them like they are monsters and decide to run away to the Outback.

The Unforgivable

Sandra Bullock stars in the upcoming drama The Unforgivable, hitting your Netflix screens on December 10, 2021. She plays the role of a woman who is returning to the world, after serving a sentence for a very brutal crime. While she struggles to get used to the new world, everyone sees are as nothing but a criminal from the past. She sets out to find her younger sister, who is her only hope to survive.

Watch this movie to see how your past never leaves you, and it is always going to haunt you, no matter how much you change.

December 15

The Hand of God

While the movie name might bring a certain Argentine Diego Maradona to your mind, The Hand of God has nothing to do with the football legend. Instead, it is a tale of a young boy in the city of Naples in the 1980s; Much like the footballing star, Fabietto has a love for the game, but with his family’s struggle and hardships, he never pursues the game as a carrier, only to make his name as a brilliant filmmaker in the future.

December 16

A California Christmas: City Lights

Yet another installment in the Netflix Original film series, A California Christmas: City Lights will follow our leads, live a happy and content life in some distant suburban area. But when responsibilities come calling for Joseph, things get a little complicated. What will happen to this lovely couple? Only the movie will answer the question.

A Naija Christmas

A Naija Christmas is a story of a mother and her three sons. The siblings are in a sort of race, to get married as soon as possible; as this is the only wish their mother has. While she prepares the celebration for the holidays, the sons set out to get her the best gift ever.

December 21

Grumpy Christmas

Don Servando, wishes to celebrate Christmas with his family and travels for the same. They meet Alma’s aunt Doña Alicia, who immediately becomes Don’s nemesis. While the whole family celebrates the holiday, Don will do everything possible to prove that Alicia is a mean and selfish woman.

December 24

1000 Miles from Christmas


1000 Miles from Christmas is the story of a man named Paul, who has had nothing but suffering for his Christmas gifts. Which is the reason he has this hatred for the festival, but all that might just change as he meets a local teacher named Paula in a town that celebrates Christmas like no other town. We will witness his survival in this town, surrounded by nothing but Christmas symbols.

Don’t Look Up

A star-studded cast including Timothée Chalamet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Melanie Lynskey comes together in this Netflix movie. A story of two low-level astronomers going on a media tour as they have to warn the world about an approaching comet, which has the potential to destroy the entire world.

December 31

Seal Team

When a shark attack results in Quinn losing his best friend, the fun but determined seal sets out to create a Seal Team to fight the notorious sharks. While training and preparing for the last fight, the group of international seals realizes they actually can bring peace to the ocean after all. This animated South African movie is definitely going to be a good watch for December 2021 on Netflix.

Lost Daughter

The story of a woman and her confrontations with the past, Lost Daughter, is in some ways a great movie to end your year with. As a woman goes to southern Italy for a vacation, she sees a family there which makes her question every decision she has ever made being a mother. From a tale of rediscovery, the movie quickly takes a drastic turn to become a little unsettling.

More movies coming this December 2021 on Netflix


The 2007 movie Premonition is a story of a depressed woman, who somehow has his days messed up. She dreams about things that will happen in the future, and when she tells people about it, they think she is insane. A tale of suspense and misery. This can be a great addition to your holiday list.


The 1954 movie Sabrina will also make its way to our screens. The tale of two wealthy brothers and the daughter of their family chauffeur, this movie is one of the classics as we see the duo of one hardworking and determined brother who has a carefree and playboy sibling.


Stepmom is a 1998 movie about two children who are adjusting to the fact that their parents are divorced and their father is now with a popular photographer, Isabel. She does everything in her power to make sure the kids are comfortable, but also does not want to give up her career. When the children’s actual mother is diagnosed with cancer, everyone has to learn a little something and come together as a family.

Sucker Punch

A tale of a girl in a mental asylum, her fellow inmates, and their fantasy world, Sucker Punch, is a fun thrill ride, if you are looking for any.

The Fourth Kind

If you are someone who is looking for a mystery-thriller, then The Fourth Kind is what you need to watch. The movie is about a small town in Alaska, which has seen several strange disappearances of people in the past 40 years. With accusations of federal involvement too, this movie is definitely a must-watch for anyone who likes mysteries.

The Mask of Zorro

The story of a thief named Jones who is seeking revenge for his brother’s death, The Mask of Zorro is a great action movie to watch. Asa Jones prepares for the task. A legendary criminal of the past, Zorro trains him. Zorro has his own vengeance, and he is definitely working on it.


You really thought Netflix will not give you a horror movie for Christmas? Say hello to the 1990 film Tremors, a movie about a small dessert Perfection, Nevada. The first installment in the Tremors series revolves around monstrous worm-like creatures who are hungry for human flesh.

The Legend of Zorro

The original cast of The Mask of Zorro returns in this movie set 10 years after the events of the first movie. Trust me, this movie is definitely a glow-up after The Mask of Zorro, as the action and story feel more detailed and real.

Think Like a Man

Women always find it difficult to deal with their husbands, and the four women in this movie are no different. But when they find a book written by Steve Harvey, things get better; only until the men find out about the tricks and declare a full-fledged war. This rather light movie will be a perfect watch on Netflix for December 2021.

Wild Things

A tale of a high-school counselor, and his students who accuse him of raping them, Wild Things is not what it seems to be on the surface. Many mysteries are uncovered when the counselor hires a freelance lawyer to defend him.

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