Most Anticipated Shows And Movies Coming On Netflix In February 2022

Most Anticipated Shows And Movies Coming On Netflix In February 2022

With January ending, February awaits us with fresh adventures, laughter, and love. Moreover, some of the best drama series and movies are all set to welcome us into the new month. There will be thrill, suspense, fantasy, crime, comedy, love, and well, the list continues. However, if you are not able to create a watch list, we are here for you. Here’s a list of new yet best movies and shows coming on Netflix in February 2022.

Inventing Anna

The series is predominantly based on The New York’s article ”How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People.”  Seemingly, Anna Sorokin, going by the name Anna Delvey pretends to be a German heiress with thick money. This witty con artist defrauded banks, hotels, and wealthy acquaintances.

The scammer series introduces us to the lavish life this swindler lived with all the faux money. It will also give major emphasis to the reporter who handled the entire scam.

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A Madea Homecoming

Yay! Perry brings Madea back. This time it’s about her great grandson’s graduation and the family drama and deeper secrets that almost put a halt to it. We do not have insights into all the “deeper secrets” or “family drama” till now. However, Madea, the carefree woman, will surely be a barrel of laughs!

Further, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Perry teases that he will bring an LGBTQ+ subplot through which the director hopes to send a message of inclusion to audiences. It is one of the best and new movies coming on Netflix in February 2022.

Love is Blind season 2

Throughout the series, the hosts place singles in ”pods” through which they date. As the couples get to know each other and form a heart-to-heart connection; they decide to engage. Surprisingly, they are only able to meet in person after the affiance. Following the event, the couples are sent to resorts where they get to know each other better. On the marriage day, couples are asked ”Is Love Blind?” Their answer decides the rest.

Hence, with the same hosts from season one, the show will continue to take the bondage of marriage at a split level from February 11, 2022.

Fistful of Vengeance

This supernatural action-thriller film will surely give you goosebumps! In this follow-up to the first season of TV series Wu Assassins, the team meets again in Bangkok with a vengeful purpose. They intend to take revenge for the death of a loved one. But as they execute their plan, it is found that the enemy has supernatural powers, and they are into something huge. Perhaps, saving the world.

Do not forget to enjoy these masterpieces in the upcoming month. Also, let us know in the comment section what is your watch-list of Netflix’s dramas coming in February.

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