Money Heist Jumpsuit And Mask – DIY And Where To Buy?

Money Heist Jumpsuit And Mask – DIY And Where To Buy?

With the red jumpsuit and Dali mask on, La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist became a worldwide sensation. The Spanish show on Netflix reminds us of the first thing–thieves in their symbolic attire. Both the red jumpsuits and Dali masks are symbols of resistance and revolution against the system.

Throughout the robbery, Tokyo, Nairobi, Denver, Rio, Moscow, and other characters wore bright red jumpsuits to hide their real identities from the government. Even the Professor aka Salva is also the disguise in Season 3 of Money Heist.

Money Heist’s costume with Dali mask

The entire costume serves a purpose and highlights the show’s theme, which is resistance against the system, as the Professor puts it. Even the Dali mask is the symbol of revolution. Dali created the mask around Zurich’s Dada movement, which was about rejecting modern capitalist norms.

Red and gold are the two national colors of Spain. According to the Google Arts & Culture Center, revolutionaries wore the color red as a symbol of resistance when they were about to uproot their existing governments. After the show, make the costume a worldwide sensation, fans from all over the world want to grab this signature look.

You can choose to wear this look at a costume party, wear it as a couple’s costume, wear it with your best friend, or even with your coolest gang, and even at the Christmas party. Red goes well at Christmas, so why not combine the two themes of the costume and create a Christmas look.

You can easily find a red onesie, or you can also go with a red hoodie and red cozy pajamas. For the Money Heist fans, you can always think of the costume as a Money Heist-themed gift to yourself.

For those who are an expert on sewing machines, you can always DIY your own costume with just red fabrics only.

We even find a Dali-inspired makeup look to go with the red costume.

Or you can always buy a Dali mask to go with red jumpsuits at shopping websites like Amazon, Ali Express, Book My Costume, and Etsy.

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