‘Fakes’ Ending Explained: Who Is Telling the Truth, Zoe or Becca?

‘Fakes’ Ending Explained: Who Is Telling the Truth, Zoe or Becca?

Shows and movies are our daily dose of entertainment. It is hard to imagine a life without them. Over the years Netflix has been providing us with top-class shows and movies. In recent times Netflix has released several shows with multiple season arcs. The streamer tries to milk out as many seasons from a show as possible. However, in order to create a second season, a show needs to provide the viewers with something to come back for. Similar to what the streamer did with the Fakes ending.

Simply put, a show has to leave the viewers with a cliffhanger or an open ending so that the viewers know what they are coming back for. A similar thing happened with Netflix’s comedy series Fakes whose ending was kind of ambiguous. But don’t you guys worry, we are here to do the hard work and explain the ending of Fakes to you.

Season 1 Recap

Fakes is a Canadian comedy-drama series that follows the story of two high school best friends Rebecca (Jennifer Tong) and Zoe (Emilija Baranac). The series begins at a party with police intervention and two girls getting arrested. In the background, the narrator explains the two had been printing and selling fake IDs. The entire season is more like a reverse story to explain what led to the arrest of Rebecca and Zoe.

It all begins when one night Rebecca calls Zoe to help her with a car ride. When Zoe discovers the fake IDs made by her friend, they decide to turn them into a business. They also hire two girls Sophie (Mya Lowe) and Sally (Matreya Scarrwener) to work for them. Rebecca introduces Zoe to a dealer for the fake IDs, Tryst(Richard Harmon).

However, Tryst leaves the two uninformed and the trio start working in a penthouse for a criminal named, Guy. When the police arrest Sally, Tryst takes the keys to the penthouse from Becca and Zoe and asks them to leave in order to protect them from Guy. But Guy eventually finds out that it was Rebecca and Zoe who were making the fake ids and not Tryst. So when they are arrested at the party, Guy gets them out of police custody and gives them a task.

Fakes Ending: What is the truth?

Throughout the series, we get to see every incident from the perspectives of both Rebecca and Zoe. Interestingly, the two always paint the other as the decisive partner and themselves as reluctant. However, no one, in particular, is the villain nor are they innocent, they both are equally responsible. The season ends on a cliffhanger as Guy holds a gun to Rebecca and Zoe and asks them to shoot Tryst.

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What do you think lies ahead for Rebecca and Zoe? Will they shoot Tryst? Let us know in the comments below.

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