Meeting the Voice of ‘Peppa Pig’ in Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal Was a “Mic-Drop Moment” for Sienna Miller

Meeting the Voice of ‘Peppa Pig’ in Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal Was a “Mic-Drop Moment” for Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller was awestruck when she met the voice behind the famous Peppa Pig. She never would have thought that she would meet her on set while shooting her latest Netflix thriller, Anatomy of a Scandal. The actress was on The One Show along with her co-star Rupert Friend, when she revealed this news. She described how exciting it was for her and how it was a “mic drop” moment. 

Sienna Miller on meeting Peppa Pig voice actor

Apparently, it’s actress Amelie Bea Smith who voices Peppa in Peppa Pig. Amelia also plays her daughter onscreen. Both Miller and her daughter were beyond excited after meeting her. Sienna Miller further revealed that her daughter, Marlowe would FaceTime with her all the time.  

Moreover, the actress also has her voice notes! 

She is the voice of Peppa Pig. It’s a mic drop. I’d have her on FaceTime to my daughter all day being Peppa, I’ve got voice notes… I was genuinely starstruck. I mean that’s your snooze alarm isn’t it when you have a newborn baby, so I feel indebted to her for the hours of extra sleep.”

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Actor talks about privilege in Anatomy of a Scandal

Adapted from Sarah Vaughan’s novel of the same name, the plot follows a parliament minister, James Whitehouse. Jamea is a privileged white male, who thinks he has no limits until he is accused of rape and put on trial. The rape allegations come from his lover and parliament intern, Olivia. Meanwhile, his wife, the world is crumbling down at the news of his husband’s illicit affair. 

From the series flashbacks, you understand why some people are the way they are because they’ve never been told they’re not capable of achieving whatever they’ve dreamed of. 

There are people who are born lucky, 1,000%, and they have a leg up in life that makes it much easier. I’m not saying that their life is not without complications, because I think it’s hard to be a human being, but I do think the absolute ignorance about what’s given you the step-up makes me angry and deserves analysis,” she explained.

Sienna’s turn in the latest British political thriller, Anatomy of a Scandal, as Sophie was met with much praise. Rupert Friend plays James Whitehouse, and Naomi Scott plays his secret lover. While Kate Woodcraft makes an appearance as the barrister.

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