Many Netflix Users Report ‘Network Error’ as Stranger Things Fans Rush to Stream Season 4 Right at the Moment of Its Release

Many Netflix Users Report ‘Network Error’ as Stranger Things Fans Rush to Stream Season 4 Right at the Moment of Its Release

The day is finally here. The day almost 7.9 Billion people were eagerly waiting for has arrived and, might we add, arrived in style. Stranger Things 4 has wholly shattered all the expectations or assumptions people had. The new season has once again proved to people they haven’t seen anything yet.

The newest season of the show has been streaming only for an hour, and the whole world has tuned in to watch it. The numbers are so overwhelming that for the first time in the history of Netflix, a server error has happened. And instead of getting angry, fans of the show are proud of this achievement as they should be.

Fans celebrate the server error on Stranger Things 4

One of the biggest achievements of Stranger Things apart from breaking viewing records is its highly loyal fan base. The fans of the show not only like to binge episodes no matter their runtime, but they love it with all their might.

And it is their love for the show and the whole cast that literally broke Netflix today. Netflix is known for its smooth binge-watching software that allows million if not billions to stream shows at the same time.

However, even their top-of-the-line software was no match for the fans. As soon as Stranger Things 4 started streaming in different regions of the world, people bombarded Netflix. So many people tuned in to watch the show that a legitimate error occurred. And fans cannot be happier.

People have since shared the first time in history achievement with pride on Twitter. Some of the happy tweets are.

This is just a small proof of what Stranger Things 4 will achieve in the days to come. Just by seeing what the Netflix Original has done in mere hours, one cannot even comprehend how high the single-day viewing records will go.

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The issue has been resolved

Do not worry Netflix and their amazing technical team was quick to react, and the issue has since been taken care of. Now the whole world can and will binge the show without any issue.

So what are you waiting for? Go and stream the new season before spoilers get to you. Also, let us know your favorite episode from the newest season.

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