Love Is Blind: Jarrette and Iyanna Reveal Shake Is Receiving Flak From His Pod Friends as Well

Love Is Blind: Jarrette and Iyanna Reveal Shake Is Receiving Flak From His Pod Friends as Well

Even though Love is Blind is over, the drama behind the scenes is far from being over. In the latest We Have The Receipts Netflix podcast, Jarrette and Iyanna revealed that the Shake was ousted from the group chat to host Chris Burns and Lauren Speed Hamilton. The vet can’t catch a break! 

Iyanna and Jarrett were one of the lucky ones who found each other on the show. Their love is apparent throughout the show. They spent their first Christmas together! And yes, he continues to drink from his signature gold Cup, which Lauren points out jokingly! The tone was generally light apart from one heavy question. Lauren asked the couple whether they felt any kind of pressure being the only black couple on the show. To which Jarrett replied that they are grateful for the support, but aren’t feeling any pressure. 

Shake has been kicked out of Love is Blind group chat

He’s been kicked out of the group chat, blocked on Instagram,” Jarrette said. He further disclosed that the DJ has two fan page accounts that he uses to follow all of them! Talking about Shake, the couple agreed that they both felt he was “obnoxious” when they first met. On the other hand, Deepti made a good impression on Jarrette. He called her “eloquent”. Iyanna’s disapproval was pretty clear from her tone when she exposed Shake asking about her dress size on their very first date. It was also their very last date! 

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Fans are gleeful with Deepti and Kyle’s cute interactions online. Interestingly, the couple mentioned that they would pair Deepti with Kyle if Shake had never happened. Lauren cheekily adds Deepti blushes at the mention of his name. And Jarrett pipes in, “She (Deepti) got a little glow.”

Jarrette and Salvador’s friendship status: Are they cool?

Put your worries to rest because the Love is Blind co-stars are cool with each other. Like the fans, the hosts expressed their worry over Sal looking salty in the Love is Blind reunion episode. Jarrette explained that he himself was taken aback and had no words because they never had any problem while filming. In fact, the two would spend time alone outside on the lounge. But there are no hard feelings from Jarrett’s side. They remain friends!

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