Look at You: Taylor Tomlinson Turn Grief and Pain Into an Insightful Comedy in Her New Netflix Special

Look at You: Taylor Tomlinson Turn Grief and Pain Into an Insightful Comedy in Her New Netflix Special

Taylor Tomlinson is as witty as she was in her first Netflix special Quarter-Life Crisis. The comic makes fun of her mental state and how she feels oh so light after all the medications! She filmed Look At You last year in December just before the third wave. It was filmed at the historic Wilbur Theater in Boston. 

The 28-year-old grew up in a conservative Christian family. Although her jokes landed with the Netflix crowd, it didn’t land quite so well with her conservative dad and would probably be considered blasphemous in her old Christian comedy circuit. But here she is openly joking about these things, especially taboo subjects like mental health. 

Taylor urges you to laugh with her through the pain

In Look At You Taylor shattered the negative image associated with mental health. She urged the audience to go seek therapy and not worry about what others think. Taylor has been on several medications. She refers to them as her “arm floaties” that liberated her and helped her overcome her mental issues. She wasn’t embarrassed to mention that despite feeling a lot lighter on meds, they greatly affected her libido. The crowd erupted in laughter when she said, “Am I not in the mood, or do I just not need validation?” 

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Leaving dating and sex life aside, the comedian takes a deep dive into grief. Taylor lost her mother to cancer when she was 8 years old. It created an immense amount of gear in her that she would die early just like her mother. So she rushed everything from her relationships to her ambitions. But she doesn’t seem to regret it. Instead, she contemplates, “Do you think I’d be this successful at my age if I had a live mom?” She doesn’t ponder on that for long and looks at it on a positive note when she adds, “She’s in Heaven. I’m on Netflix. It all worked out!”

Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You on Netflix review

Decider thinks you should stream it: “No matter where you’re at personally with your mental health, you should find Tomlinson’s humor quite therapeutic”. Ready Steady Cut writes: “Taylor brings down her walls for the audience, and while the material is designed to be a comedy, there’s certainly an undertone to Taylor’s experience that will resonate with audiences. Hopefully, it will encourage others to talk about their mental health experiences more, rather than feel it’s a topic to be ashamed of.”

The show is for you if a suicide hotline left you hanging. And had felt your “arm floaties” considerably reduce your libido.

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