“I will have them in the palm of my hand,” Says Leo Sutter Playing a Game With Vikings: Valhalla Co-Stars Sam Corlett and Frida Gustavsson

“I will have them in the palm of my hand,” Says Leo Sutter Playing a Game With Vikings: Valhalla Co-Stars Sam Corlett and Frida Gustavsson

Netflix’s hit show Vikings: Valhalla is riding the massive wave of success it rightly deserves. The show is a spiritual successor of the History Original Vikings. The show mainly revolves around Harald, Freydis, and Leif. Freydis and Leif are siblings who form a close relationship with Harald, the prince of Norway. Actors Leo Sutter, Frida Gustavsson, and Sam Corlett play the characters respectively.

Now that season one is enjoying success while streaming on Netflix. There is still some time until production for the absolute must second season begins. The actors are going around and doing interviews. In one such interview, the trio played a fun game involving their characters.

Who Would You Rather with Vikings Valhalla trio

Recently the amazing actors of Vikings: Valhalla came together to play a fun game of Who Would You Rather? In the game, a series of scenarios were given to the actors, and they had to answer which of their characters, i.e., Harald, Freydis, and Leif were better suited for that scenario.

To start the game, the cast is asked whom they will throw off the historical London bridge? Sam answers first, saying that as Freydis is her sister, he will have to throw off Harald, while Frida nominates Olaf, and finally, Leo says he will push Leif as he knows how much Sam enjoys swimming the actor agrees by showing him a thumbs up.

After that, the actors are asked to nominate a character representing them in a trial. Sam again nominates his onscreen sister Freydis, reasoning that his sister knows him the best. However, Frida doesn’t reciprocate the trust and instead selects Harald because she feels that Harald is a great orator throughout the season. Actor Leo Sutter agrees with Frida, saying he(Harald) will have the jury in the palm of his hand. And then nominated Freydis because he can’t nominate himself and feels that Freydis does have a way around with words.

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When asked which character gets to dress them for a red carpet, both Sam and Frida felt it should be Harald as he has luxurious clothes and fabulous jewelry.

Watch the full game of Who Would You Rather on TV Guides youtube channel.

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Shows to watch if you like Vikings: Valhalla

If you’re into periodic historical dramas and love the violence it accompanies, we recommend keeping your binge list fresh with these shows. Marco Polo (2014–16), The Last Kingdom (2015–22), and Vikings (2013–20).

All of these are currently streaming on Netflix, so all you need is an active subscription, and you’re good to go.

So which one is your favorite, Leif, Freydis, or Harald? Let us know in the comments below.


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