Life After Death: Tyler Henry Isn’t the Only “Medium”, Explains Lauren Speed Hamilton’s Childhood Intuitive Experiences With the Supernatural

Life After Death: Tyler Henry Isn’t the Only “Medium”, Explains Lauren Speed Hamilton’s Childhood Intuitive Experiences With the Supernatural

It seems Netflix’s Life After Death’s Tyler Henry isn’t the only medium. Other individuals can be medium too. The host of the show, We Have the Receipts, Lauren Speed Hamilton can be a medium too. She shares her childhood experiences and psychic action with supernatural beings.

Tyler Henry is already famous for his role as a medium between the present world and those who have already left the living world. After interviewing a lot of celebrities from the industry, Tyler Henry is out for all the common people and helps them to find closure after losing a loved one. According to Henry, his gift is very unique. So, like a service, he wants to share his gift as much as he can.

So, Tyler Henry gave an interview in the podcast, We have the Interview and helped Laren to channel her supernatural gift.

Tyler Henry gives an explanation of Lauren’s childhood gift

The host of the show, Lauren Speed Hamilton, shares her childhood experience, where she used to hear a lot of voices. At first, she thought those were in her head only, but later she find out “these voices” might have some meanings.

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When she was young, she used to live with her grandmother in the house. She heard a voice telling her to come downstairs; she assumed the voice belonged to her grandmother. As Lauren walked downstairs, where her grandmother was cooking and caught herself on fire, unintentionally. She realized someone has called her, not her grandmother. But to help her save her grandmother. She expresses, “My grandmother was cooking, but she didn’t realize that she had caught on fire. So I was able to get there in time, help her, pat her down and everything.”

Not only did she use to hear voices, but she also sees little things from the age of 4 to 7. She prayed a lot of times so that her abilities would disappear. And it did. Even Henry believed it was very natural for kids to listen and hear other things. Because they are always very attuned to it. But as we grow up, we “push out” those feelings, and our abilities get destroyed. Henry explains, “Once the framework of belief is introduced — either, ‘Oh, it’s just in your head, it’s just a dream,’ or ‘Oh no, that’s bad, you need to follow this belief system’ — then it starts shutting those faculties down.”

Moreover, Henry also shared the process behind the show and how he had to “convince” his boyfriend Clint Godwin to be a part of it. He also went on to talk about how his psychics work and the things he does before leaving work. You can listen to the whole conversation on Spotify and on Apple or other podcast platforms.

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