Lesser Known Facts About Mary Mouser From Cobra Kai

Lesser Known Facts About Mary Mouser From Cobra Kai

Mary Mouser has kept fans quite merry throughout the four seasons of Cobra Kai. Yes! She is none other than the very gorgeous Samantha LaRusso. But did you know she never watched the Karate Kid movies until the series?

Mary Matilyn Mouser is 20 years old. Although she is young, her skills and talent made us believe she was born to be an actress. She is a rising celebrity with an enormous fan base. But there are many surprising and lesser-known facts about Mary Mouser of Cobra Kai that you need to explore if you are a die-hard fan. And you have come to the right place.

Mary Mouser of Cobra Kai has her own YouTube Channel

Mary Mouser, along with her acting skills, is great at creating content. She is a YouTuber with 419K subscribers and has over 4.1M views. She posts videos about anything and everything she loves. Her videos are spread across topics like cleaning and organization, DIYs, Vlogs, getting to know her videos et cetera.

The punch line of all her YouTube videos is ”Live. Learn. Fail. And never look back.” Also, as Mary reveals in this video, she is obsessed with sloths, her dog, Disneyland, anything goth-looking, and bananas.

She is a bibliophile and a talented singer

This young star is not only a brilliant actress but also a book lover. She never shies away from admitting the fact. In her leisure time, she loves to read books. She has a huge book collection and is always looking forward to adding a new book to her TBR. You would probably find her eyes stuck at some fantasy novel or other genre when she is offset.

Moreover, she loves to sing. She has a melodious voice and is learning to play guitar. However, it seems like her music interest is more of a hobby and not something she would want to pursue professionally. But watching her sing, we couldn’t agree more with the fact that she should put thought to sing professionally.

Mary Mouser is in a Merry Relationship

While many fans already have her on their celebrity-crush list, we must put out this heart-breaking news for you. Even if you are crushing over her right now, she has given away her heart to Brett Pierce a long time ago. He is also an actor and they are literally couple goals.

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She is a Star Wars fan

If you want to start a conversation with Mary, it has to be about Star Wars. Surprisingly, she didn’t watch any of the films until early 2019. But after finally watching the movies, she has become a huge fan of the franchise. Chiefly, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is one of her favorite movies ever.

She has Diabetes

In one of her YouTube videos, Mouser shares her journey as a type 1 diabetes patient who was diagnosed on June 1, 2009. Also known as Juvenile diabetes, she got it when she was just a teenager. She had to make major lifestyle changes to stay fit while her body was still in the phase of growth. She also lost so much weight because of this.

She also takes part in the diabetes awareness program. Being involved in many charitable organizations herself; she has come a long way fighting this disease.

Dana Delany is a mother figure for her, on and off the screen

Dana Delaney is Mary’s former co-star. She played the role of her mother in an ABC medical drama, Body of Proof.  Attracting a huge amount of audience they were a hit as a mother-daughter duo. Fascinatingly, Dana Delany considers Mary as her daughter off-screen as well. She has always guided and supported her to build a successful career.

She has an exemplary skin and hair care routine

If you are wondering what is the secret behind her shining curls and spot-less glowing skin; it’s her skin and hair care routine. Always being exposed to camera and sunlight, Mary mouser is extremely serious about her beautiful hair and flawless skin and also posts videos on her YouTube channel.

Mary Mouser is a Taurus

Mary was born on May 9, 1996, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA. Her entire name is Mary Matilyn Mouser. Further, she has two siblings namely Aron Parker Mouser and Laura Ashley Mouser. They are also actors.

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