Cobra Kai Star Tanner Buchanan Shares His ‘Firsts’ – From Childhood Crush to First Audition and His Love for Cheetah Girls

Cobra Kai Star Tanner Buchanan Shares His ‘Firsts’ – From Childhood Crush to First Audition and His Love for Cheetah Girls

Every ‘first’ is a thrilling experience, which you might overthink about. Regardless of the result and whether or not the memory is pleasing, you almost always remember these ‘firsts’. Cobra Kai star Tanner Buchanan has many such ‘firsts’ and being an open book didn’t shy away from sharing his ‘firsts’ with us.

Tanner Buchanan plays the role of Robby Keene in Cobra Kai, who had major character development in the show’s 4th season. In the show, Buchanan plays a guarded teenager, but in real life, he doesn’t resemble his Cobra Kai character. So, let us find out more about Tanner’s off-screen personality through a Teen Vogue interview.

The first audition for Tanner Buchanan wasn’t Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai wasn’t Tanner’s first audition, as he auditioned for an Acura commercial. “I just literally had to be able to ride a bike, and I rode a bike for like 10 hours,” Tanner explained his role. “And then I just also remember being mesmerized by how much food you could have.”

Tanner saw himself on TV at his cousin’s house, and it was as uneventful as it sounds. Tanner’s relatives denied him being in the commercial. However, after watching the commercial for a second time they admitted his presence in it.

Tanner Buchanan adored Cheetah Girls

Tanner admitted his love for the girl group, Cheetah Girls, and incidentally, he had worn a shirt with leopard print during his interview with Teen Vogue. Coincidentally, the first concert Tanner attended was a Cheetah Girls concert. The actor did not disclose any further details about his time at the concert. It could mean that it either embarrassed the actor or he remembers nothing else about it.

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Tanner’s childhood crush and celebrity crush

Tanner revealed his first crush, Lexi Hazelman, from first grade. “I bought her like a little bracelet or something, and put it on her desk,” Tanner described his cute gesture. Robby’s love life is complicated, like most of his life. So, it is commendable that Tanner could portray such a complex role when his own life is simple.

Tanner couldn’t think of his first celebrity crush, but he admitted crushing on Selena Gomez, who had mesmerized him from her days at Wizards of Waverly Place. However, Tanner is currently dating actress Lizze Broadway, who has starred in The Rookie, Here and Now, and Splitting Up Together.

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