Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde Proves Why You Should Never Tell a Woman “She’s just being emotional”

Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde Proves Why You Should Never Tell a Woman “She’s just being emotional”

Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde in Netflix’s Emmy-winning show Ozark, is the kind of villain people don’t necessarily want to see harmed. Because her deadly decisions are justified by her want to keep her family safe. But because of her villain status, Wendy has left no stone unturned to amass hate. She repeatedly put her family’s safety at risk and hid things from her husband Marty. Her greed was so strong that she murdered family members who disagreed with her. In a recent Twitter post, Netflix posted screenshots of a scene from Ozark which has created a bit of a ruckus on the internet.

Laura Linney as Wendy lashes out because she was called emotional

Telling a woman “She’s just being emotional” would bring flak most of the time. It’s because the statement assumes the decision for an emotional one, thus invalidating everything rational that went behind it. While most women would remain calm and try to gauge the reason behind the statement, Wendy Byrde is of course not like that. To get a better idea of her reactions, here’s the tweet.

What was Marty thinking? Wasn’t he scared of getting murdered in his sleep? Wendy as expected blasted Marty for making the statement and invalidating her rationality. Marty should’ve approached it differently with the shining toxicity she has.

Wendy’s real intentions

The screenshots are from episode 4 of the final season. Marty said this when Wendy casually suggested telling the cartel God Navarro, that Ruth wants to kill him. While Marty and the kids are against the decision, as it would put Ruth’s life in danger, Wendy is adamant about telling Navarro about it because he is the reason for their family’s safety.

It does sound like Wendy is indeed taken by emotions; because she doesn’t care if Ruth’s killed for intending to kill the mafia. When her intention is questioned; Wendy asks to stop taking her decision personally, and that it was okay if she dies. Seems like she wasn’t ‘just emotional’ but fully aware that she was bringing death to their oldest accomplice.

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The posts have become a meme as many, mostly men, relate to them in the comments. As the final season has come to an end, people are trying to squeeze out as much of the show as possible by making reels, montages, and gifs to appreciate the show. Laura Linney’s villainous acting is hiking up in popularity; as fans post clips of her acting, predicting an Emmy for her performance.

Do you have an Ozark favorite? If your decision isn’t ‘just emotional’, let us know in the comments.

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