jeen-yuhs Creators Explain How the Kanye Documentary Relates With Religion

jeen-yuhs Creators Explain How the Kanye Documentary Relates With Religion

jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, the three-part documentary series about Kanye West, came to a close recently. The show has created a huge craze among the audience because it gives insights into how a young boy from Chicago became worldwide famous. While promoting the jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, DeVon Franklin, the TV and film producer, bestselling author, and VP of the Motion Picture Academy’s board of governors said, “Tonight is not about Yeezus. It’s about Jesus.” 

But we are confused. Is the show really about Christianity? During a two-hour at NeueHouse, Yahweh shares how pop culture’s most polarizing figure was the chief lure for the members of L.A.’s Black Church Community. Let’s dive deeper and understand how West’s documentary has religious undertones in it.

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 Is “Jeen-yuhs” really a faith-based film?

During the event at the NeueHouse, the creator of the jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy says the documentary is based on faith. The event comprised co-directors Simmons and Chike Ozah, Kirk Franklin, the gospel music star, author Michael Todd; poet J. Ivy, and the host of the event, DeVon Franklin.

In a conversation with Variety, the panel explained why the documentary is appropriate for the Christian audience even though West is not the best role model out there. Kanye can be controversial, but he has affected the culture. And Christianity is a part of the culture. So Todd claims, “So even if a parent is not into it, it’s in their home because their kids are into it.”

During the event, they address a lot of controversies surrounding the rapper in the event, but posed no negative comments about Kanye West. West is the polarizing star of the Black church community, and they intended to publicly acknowledge their pride in Kanye West.

Franklin also said, “When you started this film, Netflix didn’t exist. Can we put that in perspective? God gave them something so big, the entity that could get it to the world wasn’t even created yet.”

What do you think of the impact of the rapper on the Black church community and Black culture in general? The final act of jeen-yuhs is currently streaming on Netflix.

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