“It’s amazing to see how he embodies his character”: Conrad Khan Praises Cillian Murphy For His Talent

“It’s amazing to see how he embodies his character”: Conrad Khan Praises Cillian Murphy For His Talent

The 10-year-old journey of Peaky Blinders came to an end on April 3rd, 2022. Watching the last episode of season 6, we were both happy and sad to bid goodbye to the vicious gang. And oh boy, the impression Cillian Murphy has made! His attire, his lapel collar coat, and that sexy Brummie accent, we cannot help but try to mimic him all the time. And it’s not just us who are crushing over his charming persona; his son, Duke Shelby (Conrad Khan) is amazed to see the way he moves and handles his work.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Khan, who is a theatre practitioner and student himself, talked about how Cillian Murphy would actually become Tommy on the sets.

Conrad on his on-screen father- Thomas Shelby aka Cillian Murphy

One thing we are in love with is Cillian Murphy’s eyes. They are so capturing and expressive that they perfectly suit his character. Seemingly, his long-lost son, Duke Shelby aka Conrad Khan, is not so far away as well. His green-ish eyes are enough to beguile the audience.

Further, we see Duke Shelby as decisive and as witty as his father. In episode 5 of Peaky Blinders season 6, we see Tommy offering a cigarette to Duke. And he, just like his father, puts the cigarette along his bottom lip. However, he explains to Digital Spy he does not imitate Tommy consciously. “I think maybe, naturally, there are certain things that I emulate about him; I might mimic just out of an instinct, but nothing consciously.”

We also see how Cillian’s character envisages his son handling the dark side of the business. We know that it’s because Duke made it pretty clear that he wouldn’t want to play with the guns. But it’s kind of strange to see Tommy allowing his anonymous son this significant part of the Shelby empire. Conrad explains, “the kind of darkness Tommy sees in himself, he probably sees that in his son Duke. And Tommy is having all his parameters set, so when he becomes incapable of leading his family, he is making sure that something in place is ready.”

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When asked about the movie and the future it holds for Conrad Khan, he said Steven Knight might wait for fans’ reaction and build a story accordingly. As for his character, he does not know. Did you like Conrad’s character in Peaky Blinders season 6? Do let us know in the comment section.

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