Peaky Blinders Season 6: Black Cat, the Dark Side of Tommy’s Business, the Possible Death of Shelby Brothers, and What More We Know

Peaky Blinders Season 6: Black Cat, the Dark Side of Tommy’s Business, the Possible Death of Shelby Brothers, and What More We Know

Peaky Blinders season 6 now has only a single episode left. The show’s fifth episode, Road to Hell, was indeed a spectacular one. Many new things came to light, and we got the answer to probably the most tantalizing question from the fifth season. We finally know who the Black Cat is!

So let us see what the latest episode of the Peaky Blinders revealed.

Are the Shelby brothers going to die in Peaky Blinders season 6?

What a night it was, first the Oscars and all the drama, followed by the Peaky Blinders. This Sunday night is going to be remembered for years to come. After the shocking revelation of episode four, we all thought that the show would take things a bit slow. But episode five started like an announcement that Peaky Blinders will end with a bang.

Now, a lot took place in the episode, but one of the significant happenings was Nelsons’ move on Tommy. This was the first time that we see Nelson trying to cross Tommy. And to help him, Nelson takes the help of the black cat. Yes! The black cat that betrayed the Blinders in season 5 is finally revealed. Who is it, you might ask? Just wait a little longer, we will tell you.

So, for now, Nelson is conspiring with the black cat to take down the Shelby Brothers. The Black Cat will take Arthur out of the picture while Nelson deals with Tommy himself.

Who is the Black Cat in Peaky Blinders?

Now onto the main question, probably why you are here too. Black Cat, the one who ratted the Blinders to the IRA and, in hindsight, is responsible for the murder of Polly, is Billy.

Finn told him last season that Tommy had concocted a plan to assassinate Mosley, which would happen that night. Billy took up the phone to make a call when he was alone in the betting shop, but we were not privy to his chat.

Instead, the scene moved to an anti-fascist march headed by Jessie Eden, and that specific plot strand was shelved for the time being.

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Now we do not know the reason behind his betrayal. Still, it will be very interesting to see how Tommy reacts when he gets to know the man responsible for his beloved aunt’s death. Or maybe he already knows and is waiting for the perfect time to exact his revenge. We will have to wait and see in Peaky Blinders last episode.

Duke chooses the light side of the business

In episode four, we are introduced to Tommy’s illegitimate son Duke. Now, who he is and how is he related to Tommy is covered in detail in our other article. Give it a read. Here we will discuss what incident takes place between the father-son duo.

Duke, who, like his father, favors horses to people, is essentially a pre-WWI Tommy. When Tommy tells Duke that there are two sides to his business, light, and dark.

Duke, moving away from the betting store, says light, leaving young Charles in the dark. If the cinematic adaptation of Peaky Blinders is about two Shelby sons, the show’s morality will always favor nature and the wild over stately homes and money.

We will have to wait and see for the sixth and final episode of Peaky Blinders if Duke stays on the light path or tips to the darker one.

Let us know your thoughts about the newest episode. Did you like it or not?

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