Is ‘Stranger Things’ Actress Sadie Sink Dating Her Costar?

Is ‘Stranger Things’ Actress Sadie Sink Dating Her Costar?

Sadie Sink rose to popularity after her performance in Netflix’s flagship show Stranger Things. Her character Max has been among the favorite characters ever since Season 2. Furthermore, Sadie Sink has been delivering phenomenal acting performances ever since a young age. Apart from TV shows and movies, Sink won all our hearts over in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well: The Short Film. Given her charming personality and good looks, everyone has hearty eyes for her.

Fans of Stranger Things ship her with almost any character that she shares the screen with. Two actors, in particular, Finn Wolfhard and Caleb McLaughlin just don’t seem to be leaving Sadie’s dating radar. After the actors confessed that the kiss in the series was the first kiss for both of them, the shippers went haywire. So let us find out once and for all who is Sadie Sink dating.

Who is Sadie Sink dating?

With fame comes a lot of responsibilities and also dating rumors. The actress has a fanbase that ships her passionately with two actors on the same show. Finn Wolfhard who plays Eleven’s boyfriend in the series has incredible chemistry with Sadie on-screen and off-screen. Their chemistry was so real that fans thought there is something definitely brewing up between these two.

There is something brewing up between Sadie Sink and Finn Wolfhard and that is a good friendship. Now moving on to, her on-screen boyfriend, Caleb McLaughlin, both the actors have said they are just friends. Outside the upside down, Sadie Sink has been linked with quite a few big names.

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She was rumored to be dating Aidan Gallagher from The Umbrella Academy. Now that is what we call a multiverse of madness. Alas, neither Sadie nor Aidan have acknowledged their relationship publicly. Coming to the most recent lucky man that has been associated with  Sink is Patrick Alwyn.

That’s right, seems like praises for her acting are not all that she got from All Too Well, Sadie might have bagged herself a boyfriend in the process. Patrick Alwyn is Joe Alwyn’s brother and the two have been spotted many times hanging out together. And while the actors have not given a confirmation, Sink has not had any other dating scandals ever since Patrick Alwyn showed up. Furthermore, the actress is vocal about not indulging much in social media and the chatter around it. This explains why there has been no public acknowledgment.  Dating or not, Sadie Sink is slaying it with back-to-back hits. Check her out in Stranger Things on Netflix.

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