Is ‘Secrets of Playboy’ Documentary Available On Netflix? Where To Watch?

Is ‘Secrets of Playboy’ Documentary Available On Netflix? Where To Watch?

An enormous mansion, lots of casinos, owner of a hit magazine, a plethora of girls, and much more. Yes, we are talking about the legacy of Hugh Marston Hefner. But was he truly a legend? A&E recently aired a 10 episode docu-series that reveals his darkest secrets and everything that was actually going on behind the doors of the Playboy empire. And now Netflix subscribers are wondering if Secrets of Playboy will be available on the platform.

What is the documentary about?

The show explores the dark side of Henefer and the Playboy mansion. It shares footage of Hefner with Anna Nicole Smith, Pamela Anderson, and Jenny McCarthy. Throughout the 10 episodes, the showrunner covers interviews with his former girlfriends, butlers, and drivers.

Seemingly, the gigantic mansion was not all about glitter and glam. The docuseries also provide us with detailed information about the appalling incidents that took place at the mansion, including deaths, murders, and suicides. Moreover, many allegations against his Playboy magazine are also revealed.

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Notably, Bunny Master, PJ Masten, says in the docuseries, “Playboy was all about powerful men preying on beautiful young women. The Playmates, the Bunnies, let’s not forget the girlfriends.”

Moreover, talking about the legend (or a notorious man?) himself; his former girlfriend shares “I saw clearly that we were nothing to him. He was like a vampire. He sucked the life out of all these young girls for decades.” She further adds, “It was a manipulation from the beginning, [Hefner] groomed us all.”

Is Secrets of Playboy available on Netflix?

If you are hoping to watch the docuseries on Netflix, sadly, you won’t be able to. The Secrets of Playboy is not available on Netflix.

Further, it is also not available on Hulu, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime. However, you can watch American Playboy, which dives deep into the personal life of Hugh Hefner.

Where can we stream the documentary?

‘Secrets of Playboy’ officially airs on A&E, so you can watch the show by visiting A&E’s official website. Other options to watch the series include live streaming the show on DirecTV and Philo. Additionally, the episodes might be available on VOD platforms like YouTubeiTunesVuduMicrosoft Store, and Google Play soon.

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