Is Laura Marano Italian? What Is Her Ethnicity and Real Accent Like? Know the Truth

Is Laura Marano Italian? What Is Her Ethnicity and Real Accent Like? Know the Truth

Izzy, played by Laura Marano in Netflix’s The Royal Treatment, is our new favorite character among all royal romantic films. Izzy, a hairdresser from New York, gets a lifetime achievement to be the royal hairdresser for a royal wedding of Lavania. But she falls for the prince, who is apparently the groom of the royal wedding. Laura Marano’s jolly acting has impressed viewers, but they are now wondering about Marano’s ethnicity because of her thick Italian accent in the film. Is Laura Marano Italian? Let’s find an answer to this burning question.

What Does Laura Marano Sound Like in Real Life?

Laura Marano has spent her entire life in Los Angeles, which is far away from New York. The truth is, she does not have an accent at all. She sounds quite neutral, unlike many artists belonging to the industry who have a very thick accent from the country they originally belong to. She totally works on the accent part and absolutely nailed the role.

Is Laura Marano Italian?

Laura Marano is originally Italian because her father, a college professor, is of Italian descent. She is the youngest daughter of her parents. Her mother, actress Ellen Marano, even owns the Agoura Children’s Theater. We can hope, for her mother, she has joined the acting industry from an early age. Thus, it’s no surprise that she easily pull off accents.

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We remember her from Disney’s Austin & Ally, where she has an impressive Italian accent. Since Marano is mostly surrounded by Italian family members, naturally, she can get hold of the accent quickly.

How Laura Marano perfected her New York accent?

Just like Izzy in The Royal Treatment, Marano is Italian, but her family belongs to New York. So, she can bring out the perfectly blended version of an Italian New Yorker.

In the conversation with The Washington Post, she says, “I really infused a lot of myself and a lot of things that I love into the story, whether it’s my Italian New York family — I have a bunch of family in the Bronx that I really hope don’t judge my New York accent too harshly.”

We and the New Yorkers might agree that she had a better New Yorker accent than the Italian one. What do you think?

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