Is Ronnie Radke Getting His Own Netflix Movie? Here’s What We Know

Is Ronnie Radke Getting His Own Netflix Movie? Here’s What We Know

Ronnie Radke, American singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist of Falling In Reverse recently shared a photo on his Instagram that had fans wondering if Netflix had created a biopic on him or not. Well, they were surprised because the streamer did almost no promotion of the biopic. And as it turns out it was a fanmade poster.

However, this ignited fans’ hopes to get a film on him. Even the lead vocalist has expressed his desire. So are we getting yet another docufilm on a troubled star? Let’s find out. 

Why should we get a Ronnie Radke biopic on Netflix?

The lead vocalist of Falling in Reverse made a quiet name for himself in the music industry as well as for getting involved in notorious activities. The musical sensation had quite a rollercoaster of a life. He was involved in too many scandals. 

In 2006, the 38-year-old actor was involved in a fight that led to the murder of a teenage boy. The court sentenced him to five years of probation under charges of battery. Failing to report to his parole officer and his possession of illegal drugs led him to serve two and a half years in jail in 2008. He got kicked out from his previous band, Escape The Fate, and found Falling In Reverse. His debut album, The Drug in Me is You reached #19 on the Billboard 200. In 2015, he was also accused of sexual assault and has a history of domestic violence. A biopic can surely help do some damage control. And offer a sympathetic look into his life just like jeen-yuhs did for Kanye West. 

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Are we getting a biopic on him?

Fans surely want Netflix to create a film on Ronnie Radke. They are already petitioning for a film on him on It has already received 458 signatures. The fans are clamoring for one to help turn around his tarnished image. The steamer can provide a platform for the misunderstood star to tell his story. But will the streamer hear the pleas of the fans and commission a film on the rock star? Only time will tell. 

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