Is CBS Reboot Series ‘MacGyver’ Available On Netflix? Where And How To Watch Season 1 To 5?

Is CBS Reboot Series ‘MacGyver’ Available On Netflix? Where And How To Watch Season 1 To 5?

It has been six-plus years since CBS streamed the very popular reboot of the original 1985 series, MacGyver. After the wrap-up of this classic reimagining of the action-drama, fans never stopped wondering if MacGyver will ever be available on Netflix. We have all the answers laid out here.

What is MacGyver about?

Long Before Stark Tower came into existence, there was the department of external service, a concealed organization under the supervision of the U.S. government. Its creator and scientist is 20 something Angus ”Mac” MacGyver, Lucas Till. Using his stupendous scientific skills and exemplary problem-solving adroitness, he saves the world. Throughout the series, there are many other characters like Patrica Thornton, an ex-field agent, now a director of operations, an unpredictable computer hacker, Riley Davis, and many more.

The show graced in ratings and created a notable fan base. The news was in the air that the sixth season was on its way. However, it stopped because of behind-the-scenes bullying and ill behavior of some cast or crew members. There were many campaigns and rallies to bring the popular and much-liked show back. Unfortunately, nothing worked. But did the fortune of MacGyver work on Netflix?

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Is MacGyver on Netflix?

Earlier CBS licensed with Netflix, but now it is not as much visible. ViacomCBS usually joins hands with Netflix only when it is to get benefit from huge viewership. Lately, CBS has invested in its own platforms and they were the first ones to air the series. Hence, the action drama is not available on Netflix. Also, we are not sure if this show will ever land on Netflix’s platform.

Further, with Netflix losing its many classic series, the 1985 original version of MacGyver starring Richard Dean Anderson is also not available on the streaming service. Amazon Prime Video used to stream the original series, but not anymore.

Where can we watch it?

Right now, Paramount+ is the only streaming platform where you can watch all the five seasons of MacGyver. We also had news that it is currently streaming on IMDb TV, but it may not be there permanently. Hence, you can only stream the classic action-drama on Paramount+ on demand. US viewers can also rent the box set on Netflix’s DVD service. If you have an account on Prime Video, you can also stream the series on it via Paramount plus.

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