Ozark Season 4: All You Need to Know About Kerry Stone

Ozark Season 4: All You Need to Know About Kerry Stone

The first part of the epic last season of Ozark is now streaming on Netflix, and it has truly taken the world by a storm. Everyone is talking, speculating, and going crazy over how beautiful this season has been. The setup that Part 1 has provided assures us we will have an even marvelous Part 2 of Ozark Season 4; which will eventually bring the show to an end. Now, Ozark is a show that has received great appreciation for its characters, especially the way it developed them. So, when you meet a new character in the last season of the show, you, of course, expect them to be really important. So today, let us look at the character of Kerry Stone from Ozark Season 4. We will see who Kerry is, what happened with him during the season.

Who is Kerry Stone in Ozark Season 4?

Well, for starters, Kerry is a renowned celebrity chef and is also the owner of a top-tier restaurant in the city. The very talented actor, Eric Ladin, plays the character of Kerry in the Netflix Original.

He is also a gambler and not just a gambler, but he is a high roller. Kerry is a frequent visitor at Missouri Belle and the major part of his arc revolves around building a business relationship with Ruth and Darlene.

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During the events of Ozark Season 4 Part 1, we see Ruth trying to recruit Kerry as an attempt to sell Darlene’s heroine. As it is pretty understandable that a high roller like Kerry will have great importance and connections in the field.

What all happened with him in Season 4?

Kerry gets interested in Darlene’s heroine and is ready to build a partnership with her. After he samples it, he is ready to tap into the hipster market.

However, things take a dark turn when Kerry overdoses on the heroine he was supposed to sample. Ruth’s entire plan goes to waste because of him.

Kerry seems to be a smart man, someone who is ready to learn from his mistakes. After he recovers from his near-death experience of his, he decided to step out of the business deal he made with Ruth and Darlene. It was just as quick as it took him to get into the plan.

What are your predictions for Ozark Season 4 Part 2? Let us know in the comments.

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