Inventing Anna: Fraudster’s Real Life Boyfriend’s Identity Revealed

Inventing Anna: Fraudster’s Real Life Boyfriend’s Identity Revealed

After the release of Inventing Anna on Netflix, the show has created a lot of buzz around Anna Sorokin’s boyfriend. Everyone wants to know the scammer’s real-life boyfriend’s identity. 

Anna Sorokin best known as Anna Delvey, posed as a German heiress for years duping the rich of their money. In Ocean’s 8 fashion, she conned businesses like 11 Howard and Blade. For years she deceived her friends and the Manhattan elite. 

Seeing this as a chance to make some more money, Anna made a post on Instagram that she would give away the identity of her real-life boyfriend to anybody who offers her $10,000. 

Whether she got paid or not, that is not known, but we finally know who the guy is! 

She dated Hunter Lee Soik for two years around 2015 and 2016.

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Who was Chase in Inventing Anna?

Chase was based on Lee, a tech entrepreneur, and a futurist. He was working on an app that would serve as a database for dreams, but the app never saw the light of the day. 

Multiple sources have confirmed that Lee was Anna’s ticket to the elites and their private parties. Lee had contacts in the tech space and was quite a hotshot in the social global scene. The duo would be in and out of parties and was a constant presence in the high-profile parties. Working as a team, Lee would chat up the tech enthusiasts and get people interested in his app, while Anna would be telling them about her private club. 

Apparently, the guy was a creative consultant on Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “Watch The Throne” tour. He also gave a TED talk before moving to Dubai. 

New Yorker has dug up his 2013 profile so he isn’t lying about being a tech entrepreneur unlike his girlfriend, Anna. LinkedIn states that he is a Founder and Executive Chairman of the Enso Group. It is a Hongkong based family enterprise that mostly invests in futuristic tech. But the link look would return a 404 error if you try to access the website. 

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