Inventing Anna: Check out the Reviews and Fan Reactions on the New Netflix Crime Drama

Inventing Anna: Check out the Reviews and Fan Reactions on the New Netflix Crime Drama

The wait is finally over. Julia Garner and Netflix are finally here with the much-awaited show Inventing Anna, and the world just can’t have enough of it. The series primarily focuses on the story of Anna Sorokin aka Anna Delvey, who famously conned the people of New York for thousands of dollars. While fans loved watching the series, critics gave it a mixed review.

Here, we will look at the reviews and reactions for the Netflix Original. And maybe this might help you decide whether Inventing Anna deserves to be on your weekend binge list or not. So, let’s just dive right in.

Inventing Anna reviews

We surely expected a show as controversial and big as Inventing Anna to get a lot of attention. That is the reason people had large expectations from the show as well. Here’s what some of the reviews said about the show:

Inventing Anna” transforms a juicy real-life drama about a con artist among the influencer crowd into a fairly inert limited series, in part by giving almost equal weight to the reporter who broke the story. Shonda Rhimes caught lightning in a bottle for Netflix with “Bridgerton,” but her latest creation is less likely to have tongues wagging.” Wrote CNN‘s Brian Lowry.

Lauren Sarner of New York Post wrote, “Delvey’s story begs the question of how a young 20something woman managed to con her way through the upper echelons of Manhattan, but the show seems wishy-washy over what direction to take — compensating for this by taking multiple zigs and zags to chaotic effect.

“The best thing about the limited series is that it gives ample time to several storylines. Whether it was Anna’s story with Rachel or Anna’s chats with Vivian, the story will not leave any person who was involved in her story. The screenplay and cinematography are brilliant. As far as acting is concerned, I can see another Emmy coming for Julia Garner. I mean, she is flawless. You can give any role to her and she will give you a performance that will mesmerize you. Her Russian accent is really good. Her confidence is what makes her a great actor. We are truly seeing one of the best actors of this generation and she is just getting started.” wrote Aayush Sharma for Meaww.

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How fans reacted to the show

Well, just like the critics, fans too had a rather mixed reaction to the show. Here are some of them:

What are your thoughts about Inventing Anna on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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