Internet Rallies as Celine Dion Is Snubbed Out of ‘200 Greatest Singer of All Time’ List, Calls Out Publication

Internet Rallies as Celine Dion Is Snubbed Out of ‘200 Greatest Singer of All Time’ List, Calls Out Publication

Rolling Stone is angering fans off with their new festive list that includes the best 200 singers of all time because it perhaps forgot to mention the best-selling Canadian artist. The one who blessed the music world with her technically skilled vocals is none other than the My Heart Will Go On singer, Celion Dion. Ever since the singer produced her first English tracks, she instantly ruled the hearts of millions. And snubbing Celion’s “I Drove All Night” out of the list, it’s all coming back to the news publication now!

The outlet apparently published a brand new, updated list of its 200 best singers of all time on new year’s, in which Rosalia got the last spot while Aretha Franklin sported the number one position. Beyonce claimed 8th rank, and Taylor Swift saw her name below as 102. However, Dion was nowhere to be seen, and fans picked up some real black mood!

Fans call out Rolling Stone as it ‘Snubbed’ Celion Dion from its list

As soon as fans got themselves acquainted with the new list, they seemingly got vocal over what they believe is a Titanic mistake. Not just Dion but all-time great artists such as Nat King Cole, Dionne Warwick, Johnny Mathis, and Tony Bennett were also left out. According to the Outlet’s explanation, the list includes the “greatest singers” and not the “greatest voices.” But it seems like none could calm the raging fans of the 54-year-old, 5-time Grammy-winning singer. They took to social media to portray their frustration and tag Rolling Stone’s act as “a crime against humanity.”

Have a look at some of the tweets below:

One fan announced it to be an embarrassing ranking

Others just say that the list is “lame.”

One fan says it is a weird way to start the new year!

Another one asserts that the outlet need knows

The editors of the outlet also wrote, “Talent is impressive; genius is transcendent” to settle down the enraging fans. But none seemed to work.

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