“If Someone Else Gets This Part, I’m Going to Have to Kill Them.” Swedish Model Frida Gustavsson on Her Character in Vikings Valhalla

“If Someone Else Gets This Part, I’m Going to Have to Kill Them.” Swedish Model Frida Gustavsson on Her Character in Vikings Valhalla

Vikings were the most courageous warrior clans to ever roam on Earth. That is probably why the hit History Channel show Vikings was such a hit among the fans, for its incredible action sequences and portrayal of these warriors. And now Netflix is here to quench our thirst for more quests and battles with Vikings Valhalla.

So we are sure we will get a look at new heroes who are braver and more skilled than their predecessors. One such hero is Freydis Eriksdotter, played by the Swedish Model now actress Frida Gustavsson.

Let’s take a look at her character and how she approached it.

Frida Gustavsson about her role and Vikings Valhalla

One of the things that resonated with Frida the most about the show was her liking of Norse mythology and the idea of getting to punch people. Frida previously has enjoyed a highly successful career in the modeling industry, with her being the most popular model to come out of Sweden. Her transition into action began from her break-out role in Swoon, followed by Tigers. She has also made several minor appearances in shows like The Witcher, The Inspector and the Sea, De utvalda.

In an interview with denofgeek, when asked about what got her interested in the show? Frida said,” I have to say, I think Jeb Stuart has just created such incredible characters. The female lead of Freydis, I think she’s pretty unique. She is a fierce warrior. She is headstrong. She’s fiery. She is allowed to take space, and to be powerful. And to be able to portray that was just something that I would die to do.”

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Fredia likes her character so much, and she resonated with her on another level. She has even said that She is Freydis and that “If someone else gets this part, I’m going to have to kill them.”

Impact of Freydis on Frida

It is a widespread phenomenon in the acting profession that the actors’ characters often imprint the actor. Frida talked about how Freydis has changed her and will forever be a part of her. On this notion “Freydis has really taught me so much about standing up for myself, and owning my physicality, and realizing my own strengths and my own power.” she said while talking about the impact of her character.

All in all, it looks like Frida is really enjoying playing the character on the shoe, and we look forward to watching more of her in the future.

The whole season one of Vikings Valhalla currently streaming on Netflix go watch it and let us know if you think Frida did a good job playing Freydis?

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