How Netflix Changed TV Industry and People’s Watching Habits?

How Netflix Changed TV Industry and People’s Watching Habits?

Not a long time ago, we were used to flipping through the various channels on our televisions. With those remotes, more often than not, became a medium to express our rage and frustration, mainly because no channel was streaming content that we wanted to watch. Well, it all changed when a certain DVD-rental company took matters into its own hands. We are, of course, talking about how Netflix changed TV for every single one of us. And whether we like it or not, it is the truth.

We are talking about how Netflix has changed TV for a sizeable chunk of the population. Thus, it is important we understand the aspects in which Netflix has improved our life than those cable TV days. A few years ago we would have never imagined a possibility where we will watch a foreign language drama on our breakfast table, but today we actually do that and it is all because of Netflix. So, with no further ado, let us understand the changes this streaming giant has brought to the entertainment industry.

How Netflix changed our TV watching habits and made them flexible

A few years ago, we had this ritual of waiting for a particular show or movie to air on a TV channel. We planned our entire week or day according to that so we do not miss it. But when Netflix took matters into its own hand, it gifted us with the power of control. Now, the viewers could be in charge of when they watch something, instead of the other way around.

To add to that, we also now have access to a plethora of content. Something we never really got with the TV cable. We can stream a horror movie and just jump right into comedy from the middle of it. A privilege we only got after Netflix came into existence. Earlier, the television channel and production house decided the content we watched. However, since the streaming platform took over, the decision is now ours to make!

The move to Netflix Original content

If there is one thing that stands out the most about this streaming giant, it is the quality of original content it produces. Starting off with Lilyhammer in 2012, in the past 10 years Netflix has produced world-class original shows. These shows include the likes of House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things, The Crown, and many more.

Before this, networks used sanctioned shows based on the quality pilot. Netflix revolutionized this process by giving contracts for the creation of entire seasons to the creators. As a result, we have all these amazing shows and movies coming out every single month.

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Understanding the taste of audiences and serving them

Innovation is, in fact, the key to any kind of success. Netflix understood this statement very well and thus changed TV forever. The user data that companies previously used to analyze the audience’s taste and then serve them accordingly, was employed by Netflix to actually make original shows. Netflix picked up the genres and themes that people enjoyed and went on to create shows based on them.

Another thing that happened because of Netflix was the introduction of people to shows and cinema from other countries and languages. With the introduction of the Netflix library, people now had access to amazing content from all over the globe. Some great examples of this would be Money Heist from Spain, Dark from Germany, and Squid Game from South Korea.

With the industry witnessing development every single day, we really hope Netflix keeps up with it like it always has. The surging competition from Amazon, HBO, and Disney is sure something to worry about, but the streaming giant is well-equipped to fight it.


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