Best Shows Like ‘Servant of the People’ Available on Netflix

Best Shows Like ‘Servant of the People’ Available on Netflix

Did you know that before Volodymyr Zelenskyy was elected the president of Ukraine, he had his own show? Yep, the President, who is now vehemently fighting Russia to save his people and his country, starred in a political satire, Servant of the People. Zelenskiy produced and starred in the high comedy which was released in 2015. After running for 3 seasons, the show was a hit! If you are in the mood to watch something like Servant of the People on Netflix, here are some of our recommendations.  

Winter on Fire 

First on our list is not a comedy like Servant of the People but the setting is similar. It has to do with Ukraine and its current political scenario. Winter on Fire depicts the Ukrainian’s fight for freedom against the corrupt then-President, Viktor Yanukovych. Viktor’s goals to join hands with Putin didn’t align with the people’s goals for their country. This resulted in a political revolution that saw Viktor fleeing the country. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.

Chernobyl 1986 

Recent HBO adaptation, Chernobyl has depicted the catastrophe that rocked the nation. But Chernobyl 1986 focuses on the warriors who put their lives at stake to save their loved ones. Danila Kozlovsky’s movie follows Alexey Karpushin, a firefighter on the verge of retiring. Alexey never gets his fresh start in Kyiv. He receives a call back to control the explosion at the Chernobyl Power Plant. Stream the movie to know what happens next.

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The 2013 American romantic comedy is a light watch starring Paul Rudd and Tina Fey. John Pressman convinces Portia Nathan to pay a visit to Quest School and help Jeremiah Balakian to get admission to Princeton. However, his transcripts are awful and Portia doesn’t know how to help him. What follows next is the crux of Admission. You can stream this movie on Netflix.

The Social Network

David Fincher’s biographical drama focuses on a 19-year-old Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. He would go on to create Facebook with his friend, Eduardo, but on his way up he would start losing his closest friends. It was unlikely that he would create a revolution in the social media space as it was for Zelenskyy to become President. The Social Network is a critically acclaimed movie and is streaming on Netflix.

Servant of the People used to be on Netflix, but currently, satire is no longer available on it. But you can still stream the show on YouTube. Meanwhile, stream one of the above-mentioned films on Netflix.

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