How did Will Smith React to Wife Jada Pinkett’s Bad Girl Character On-Screen?

How did Will Smith React to Wife Jada Pinkett’s Bad Girl Character On-Screen?

Imposing and hot-headed, the character of Jada Pinkett Smith in 2014’s Gotham was not one to be crossed. The 51-year-old American actress and television personality has starred in a plethora of 2000s’ movies, this version of herself, the sadistic gangster, with extra-sensory abilities and a ‘do not mess with me’ look in her eyes is what everyone, including her husband Will Smith, fell in love with.

The Red Table Talk co-host apparently plays a bad a*ss chic and explores the shadowy side of herself when she gets into the character of Fish Mooney. A Batman prequel about the vigilantes and villains of the superhero universe, Gotham doubled down on the ‘crazy.’ And hands-down, the credit has to go to its unpredictable yet enigmatic presence, Fish Mooney AKA Jada Pinkett Smith.

And in 2014, while she was talking about her experience, a journalist asked about her husband’s reaction to it, and Pinkett Smith replied to ET, “(Will) loves it.” Further adding an element of humor to the discussion, Mrs. Smith informed how the King Richard actor joked “that’s the side they don’t see right there.” 

While Gotham is a live-action adaptation of the comic books, the producer solely created Jada Smith’s character for the series. And as Will Smith rightly said, she nailed to portray that hunger to be the most powerful in the room.

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Jada Pinkett Smith as the unpredictable bad girl in Gotham was a blessing

Premiered on 22 September 2014, the origin story of DC Comics super villains succeeded in ways more than one. And at the center of it all, stood the Bad Moms actor, Jada Pinkett Smith. Although Mooney seemed to start off as a small fish in a larger male-dominated crime empire, her obsession with being the best among all and her savvy commercial shrewdness helped Mrs. Smith’s character come out victorious.

And while the series aimed to dramatize the rise of Commissioner Gordan and what worked as the catalyst for the characters such as Joker, Catwoman, and The Penguin. Fish Mooney filled the void when the prequel almost felt short of that certain feminine darkness, enigma, and an influx of gothic yet serene air. Jada Pinkett Smith certainly served the purpose well.

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Meanwhile, you can always stream the series both on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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