Hold Tight Ending Explained: Was Adam Really Guilty? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Hold Tight Ending Explained: Was Adam Really Guilty? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The Polish-original ‘Hold Tight’ (‘Zachowaj spokój’) is a dark, moody, and unexpected mystery thriller series on Netflix, created by Agata Malesinska and Wojciech Miloszewski. As the storyline delves into a series of interconnected killings and disappearances in a rich Warsaw neighborhood, it reveals the terrible reality of a larger generational divide. With each new piece of evidence, the web of lies and deceit grows even thicker. Which leads to an amazing yet somewhat confusing climax. So here is our Hold Tight ending explained for you better to understand the show’s full of mystery ending.

Hold Tight ending explained

Hold Tight is a refreshing new thriller that people love because of its suspense and thrill. However, when a story has that many turns to offer as Hold Tight does. Audiences usually lose track of what’s happening. So here are some of the biggest questions that we had after the ending of Hold Tight.

What was Adam’s fate after the ending? What is Guru’s true identity?

Anna stumbled and found a text in which Adam blamed Guru for Igor’s murder while looking for her son, and she began looking into this unknown figure called Guru. Anna returned to the same venue where she had been beaten up and obtained information about Guru, a therapy group for problematic people, from a bouncer.

Michal and Anna were introduced to Joanna Makowska, a youth counselor who used to oversee the facility.  She informed Adam’s parents that both Adam and Igor attended counseling sessions.

Joanna also told Anna that Adam often felt misunderstood at home, which is why he ran away for the first time, and that he knew his mother was spying on him. And wanted to control every area of his life that was overwhelming him.

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When Anna called the cops to ask where her kid was, Adam used a burner phone to send a text message to his girlfriend, Kaja. He requests Kaja to notify his parents that he will be gone for a while and will be back shortly.

At the end of Hold Tight, it was revealed that Adam’s close friends Gajos and Blazej had abducted him. They did so because he threatened to expose their secrets to the authorities.

This raises another major question

Was Adam innocent or not?

All four boys—Adam, Igor, Gajos, and Blazej—were employed by Guru, or Joanna Makowska, who had begun an unlawful prescription drug company.

Adam’s mother was a doctor, so he took her prescription pads and e-prescription codes and gave them to Guru. Guru gave them to Adam, Igor, Gajos, and Blazej in return for narcotics.

Igor was involved in a scooter accident a year ago, according to Adam’s evidence. After which he became hooked on oxycodone, fentanyl, and other prescription medications. He discovered that he could acquire these prescription medications at Guru, but he didn’t have the funds to purchase them, so he struck a deal with Makowska.

Makowska utilized Igor’s IT knowledge to create a directional antenna directed at Adam’s residence in return for the medications. And she obtained the pills using Anna’s e-prescription numbers.

But it was all a lie since, by the conclusion of the series, Anna had convinced herself that Igor couldn’t have taken the prescription pads from her safe. And that the heist had been done by her own son, Adam.

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She also suspected that Adam, Gajos, and Blazej were present when Igor died of a drug overdose. But did nothing to help him, or that they were the ones who murdered him. However, Anna opted to protect her son by all means rather than pursue justice for Igor. Thus the truth was never disclosed and may stay hidden.

Her emotional justification for not knowing about Adam’s crime is understandable, but it is ethically destructive.

What do you think about the show’s ending? Was Adam really guilty or not? Let us know your theories for the ending in the comments below.

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