Hold Tight reviews – Fans call Harlan Coben’s Netflix adaptation a “rollercoaster”

Hold Tight reviews – Fans call Harlan Coben’s Netflix adaptation a “rollercoaster”

Considering the bad situation that Netflix ( it incurred a loss of $50 billion) is in we understand that the streamer is much more preoccupied at the moment than to create hype around a new Harlen Cohen adaptation. And we almost forgot about it, but thanks to the author himself who announced the news to his fans on Twitter. But before we dive into the fans’ and the critics’ reviews of Hold Tight on Netflix, let’s first learn a bit more about the show. 

What is the plot of the series?

The six-part series is based on the popular author’s book of the same name. It’s a polish production, originally titled Zachowaj spokój. 

The story mainly falls in the crime mystery genre. The latest Coben adaptation follows a depressed young boy, Adam. Adam is devastated ever since his friend Igor died. But he seems to know something about it. And he grows even more distressed which causes his mother to worry. Soon enough, it becomes even more twisted with a conspiracy at the center of it all. 

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Fans reviews Hold Tight on Netflix

What are the critics saying?

Ready Steady Cut reviews:Hold Tight on Netflix eventually brings the twists, but it feels slightly underwhelming. It does struggle slightly in the fourth and fifth episodes as it attempts to connect the dots, but there’s a measure of thrilling plot points that keep the viewers engaged. Having that teen drama vibe without killing the audience with an abundance of dialogue also helps. Hold Tight is another worthwhile Harlan Coben adapted story.”

According to Heaven of Horror,While Hold Tight is still a crime mystery and people do die, the main focus is more on familiar everyday issues than murder.” 

This is the 7th adaptation. Apart from this, Netflix carries Safe, Stay Close, Gone for Good, The Stranger, The Woods, and The Innocent. But there are more to come. He had too many books and he has already signed 14 projects deal with the streamer!

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