Heartstopper Cast and Alice Oseman Suggest One Common Thing You Must Have Before Binging the Show

Heartstopper Cast and Alice Oseman Suggest One Common Thing You Must Have Before Binging the Show

Netflix is bringing fan-favorite, Alice Oseman’s webcomic to life on 22 April 2022. The comic chronicles the love story of one unlikely pair as they navigate high school. In a recent interview with Tumblr, the Heartstopper cast shared what fans need before they sit down and hit play. Although they play lovebirds in the series, Joe Locke and Kit Connor display a great camaraderie off-screen. It does look like the leads were cast right! 

What should you bring to the binge session according to the Heartstopper cast?

The Heartstopper cast and Alice Oseman have quite a bit of recommendations that would make your watch experience even more worthwhile. Almost all of them agreed that tissues are a must. You need to keep a box of Kleenex handy. It’s going to be a hell of an emotional ride. And yes you need food too. Because nothing comforts you more than food when you are emotional. Moreover, you need food when you are planning to watch all eight episodes in a day!

For the second suggestion, Kit and Joe both agreed that you need to bring along your heart too. While William Gao who plays Tao Xu on the series and Elle Argent actor, Yasmin Finney suggested that fans bring popcorn, confetti, and a trans flag! 

Gao: “A confetti with the colors of the trans flag.” 

Ultimately, creator Alice Oseman’s last suggestion is to watch the series together with a friend. Having a watch buddy (even better if he or she is a fan of the webcomic) is always better than watching alone!

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Netflix adaptation wouldn’t have happened without EP Patrick Walters

Walters, who is an executive producer on the show, came across the series in 2018. He immediately fell in love with the characters and wanted to turn it into a TV show. He revealed that finding the right actors was the most challenging aspect of creating the show. 

“I think, overall, it was finding the cast because I truly believed from very early on that if we didn’t find the kind of magical essence to the cast, the whole thing would fall apart,” he said.

He has further teased that fans might get multiple seasons because there is “so much source material”.

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